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The Delamping Kit

Supplier: Mirrorlux Reflectors

The best way to identify what the benefit will be from delamping and using reflectors

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The Delamping Kit

This kit is outstanding value and includes:

  • A professional quality lux meter (our engineers use this model lux meter when undertaking energy audits) to help you identify delamping opportunities
  • A comprehensive guide to delamping, including how to use the lux meter and how to identify delamping opportunities
  • Three x 1200 mm standard Mirrorlux Reflectors (suited to the wider fluoro fittings)
  • Two x 1200mm narrow Mirrorlux Reflectors (suited to the narrower fittings)
  • A super-bright quad-phosphor fluoro tube
  • Double sided tape and self tapping screws for reflector installation
  • A instruction guide on reflector installation
  • Delamped stickers to put where tubes have been removed (so they aren't replaced by a well-meaning staff member or maintenance contractor).

Once this kit is yours you'll be able to quickly assess and identify delamping opportunities, determine what reflector type best suits your fittings, and demonstrate the usefulness of the Mirrorlux Reflectors.

For one of our engineers to come out and undertake an assessment of the delamping opportunities for your organisation in most cases it would cost you a minimum of $500, and potentially much more, depending on the travel time involved and the size of your facility.

Some other lighting consultants would charge a minimum in excess of $1,000. What you get for this outlay is assessment of where you can delamp in one site - and one site only.

With the lux meter and delamping guide in our delamping kit, however, you can take as many assessments as you like. If you were an electrical contractor you could even use it to expand your business by offering delamping services.

But not only do you get the lux meter and delamping guide, you get five Mirrorlux Reflectors, a super bright quadphosphor tube (the brightest 36 watt tube available) and the small but important things that make delamping easy and permanent.

Previously we were proud to offer several of the components in the kit separately, at a price that would have come to $256 if we had put them all together (and wouldn't have included the delamping guide). But now we are pleased to offer a break-through price of only $198.67 for our delamping kit (plus postage, handling & GST).