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The DeviceNet master module: I-8124W

Supplier: ICP DAS Co., Ltd
31 March, 2011

DeviceNet is one kind of industrial automation network protocol that interconnects control devices for data exchange.

 It has great stability has been seen in various automation applications, such as industrial machine control, factory automation, and medical equipment.

ICP DAS have released useful and high performance functions for I-8124W.

Some of them are the bulk I/O access functions; they provide a memory area in the I-8124W to access all the remote I/O data once. The users can use them to develop more advanced industrial applications. Here shows the illustration of the bulk I/O access.

There are two memory areas in I-8124W: "Remote Input Area" and "Remote Output Area". The input data of all DeviceNet slaves would be stored in the "Remote Input Area", and the output data of them would be in the "Remote Output Area"; the users can read or write all the I/O data at once.

Let's see an application which has applied this high performance mechanism in certain semiconductor factory.

This system utilises XP-8341 and I-8124W as the controlling center of the remote I/O devices.

I-8124W provides DeviceNet master engine to collect the remote I/O data, including pneumatic valve "MKS 683" and Beckhoff DeviceNet I/O. XP-8341 exists an operating program to control the situation in the chamber.

It is important to control the reacting time of the wafer in the chamber which have some kind of gas inside. 

These bulky I/O functions act an important component to reduce the access time. After tuning timing and pressure parameter, this series equipment has been developed successfully and works in some semiconductor factories.

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