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The Firefly Advantage

Supplier: ProDetec By: Ron Raymond
12 November, 2012

Firefly offer the highest technical standard

With the highest expertise on fire and dust explosions, we can provide you with a fast and reliable protection systems of the highest technical standard. With a unique patented technology based on Infrared (IR) radiation Firefly is able to eliminate both sparks and hot particles in your process.

Firefly offer reliable detection

If you extinguish a match, its temperature will be around 470°C/800°F. This is about the same temperature needed to ignite whirling wood dust, which exist in for example a filter. Layers of wood dust, that exist in a silo, can ignite at even lower temperatures (~260°C/500°F). Firefly detects sparks and hot particles down to 250°C/480°F. (Here you will find more information about ignition temperature)

Firefly help to ensure uninterrupted production
Our systems are insensitive to daylight, thus minimising numerous false alarms and costly downtime. Also, by adapting the extinguishing method to the process, we minimise the risk of water damage.

Firefly understand your business

Every factory in the process industry is different. Even within the same type of business, no two factories operate alike. The risk therefore for fire or an explosion will vary from factory to factory. Firefly has specialised in creating tailor-made solutions that will fit your operation. With more than 35 years of experience of the process industry and more than 6300 fire prevention systems installed all over the world, Firefly has a deep understanding of the complexity of your process.

Firefly systems are preventive

Preventive fire protection systems recognise dangerous ignition sources such as sparks and hot particles in an industrial process and extinguish them BEFORE they can cause a fire or dust explosion.

Firefly never compromise on safety
At Firefly, our belief is that you can never take safety too seriously. If you require optimal safety within your production, we recommend that you never compromise on your choice of supplier.

Firefly Explosion Prevention