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The importance of worksite noise control

Supplier: Flexshield
15 March, 2016

From vehicles and machinery to rock breaking and demolition, worksites are hubs of noisy activity.

Wherever you are in Australia these days there always seems to be a worksite not too far away. Whether it's constructing a new shopping centre, resealing a road, demolishing an old building or even just clearing land to build a house, all worksites have one thing in common – noise.

So what are the risks?

Anyone exposed to excess noise is at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) – an untreatable and irreversible impairment, causing pain, discomfort and a reduced quality of life for the sufferer. Those most at risk are the workers as they are closest to the noise and are exposed for long periods of time. Excess noise causes disruption and discomfort for the people living near the worksite, and also has an adverse effect on the surrounding environment. All this means the company is at risk for fines and litigation claims.

The government has stipulated a maximum allowable noise level of 85dB(A), which is approximately the level emitted by a front-end loader. A worker without hearing protection can be safely exposed to this noise level for only 8 hours. But what about the people who are doing even noisier work? How about the guy on the longer shift? Or the neighbours who hear it constantly for days, weeks or maybe even months? They all need protection.

And the solution?

It is in the company's best interests to do all they can to reduce excess noise pollution from their worksite. This not only ensures environmental protection and protection of neighbouring residents, but it also guarantees the health and safety of their employees, and the welfare of their company.

It was for this reason that the Manly Council invested in Flexshield's Sonic Curtains for a recent project. The Council were undertaking a flood mitigation program and were building a storm water retention system at Manly Oval.

To ensure the comfort and safety of the neighbours and citizens moving through the park, Manly Council hired over 100 flexible curtain barriers (Sonic Curtains) from Flexshield. Sonic Curtains provide maximum noise reduction by incorporating sound barrier and noise absorption properties into the one product.

Flexshield's Sonic Curtains are available for purchase or hire, and can be used in any industry. They are available in standard sizes, or can be tailor-designed and manufactured to meet your exact requirements.

Manly Council found the barriers very effective in meeting their needs, and commented that they would definitely use them again for future projects.

Where to from here?

Many companies face excess noise challenges every day. It is essential that government regulations are adhered to, that the workplace is safe and enjoyable for staff, and that there is minimal impact on nearby residents and the surrounding environment.

You don't have to live with NIHL – it is preventable. There are efficient, effective and affordable solutions to excess noise – just contact Flexshield to discuss your needs.