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The Latest in Technology for Water Piping Systems

Supplier: Orrcon Steel
06 February, 2008

Orrcon gives pipelines an innovative edge through the development of new technology in water piping systems.

Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth, with vast areas and limited water which is more evident today with the introduction of water restrictions in many regions.

Where we have an abundance of water the population is very low which means we need to transfer water and interconnect these regions with a piping system grid that is reliable, long lasting, made from material that is safe against chemical residue, friendly to the environment, low maintenance and is easy to service.

With the introduction of the industrial revolution we have developed many different pipe materials to transfer all types of fluids and water. These materials did what they were designed to do and that was to transfer water from one area to another, however, we have since learnt that water is one of the strongest solvents of any liquid on Earth and the chemical composition can vary depending on the source of supply.

What we have also learnt is that some of these materials have had adverse reactions with water over time.  We are still yet to understand the full effect that chemical residues and the additional chemicals added to our water supplies to counteract this leaching have on the human body.

Orrcon taking all these things into consideration have researched the latest technologies around the world and have developed a piping system that has an innovative lining and also has the reliability and strength to withstand ground movement and the harsh exposed elements of Australia.

Mr. Greg Aurisch, Application Specialist for Fluids explains, “we considered steel to be a natural, strong and reliable material, we wanted to find a product to protect the steel pipe against corrosion and provide a safe material for drinking water, that is serviceable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.”

“We selected a technology which has been used in Europe for the past 35 years, it is a solvent free fusion bonded epoxy coating on the inner lining of the steel pipe.”

“This offers many benefits such as a smooth clean surface, if damaged it is easy to repair, and offers both corrosion and abrasion protection, suitable and approved for use with potable drinking water, sewerage, recycled water and slurries, with no chemical reaction from varies water sources it is resistant against fungus build up and eliminates the need to add excessive chemicals to overcome high levels of leaching from cement lined pipe.”

“Mr. Aurisch continued, “on the outer side of the steel pipe that is exposed to the elements we again selected the epoxy material to protect the steel pipe against corrosion then we added a layer of adhesive polymer resin, the third process is a layer of high density polyethylene, this add both a mechanical and corrosion protection, we call this trilaminate.”

Orrcon is an Australian manufacturer distributor and importer of a wide range of carbon steel tubular products both for structural and pressure reticulation applications.
Our products are used in many industries, including gas and fluid handling, mining, chemical processing and other associated markets.

Following its success, particularly in the oil and gas pipeline segments which demands precise engineering specifications and quality control, Orrcon has broadened its horizon to include piping supply into the water and sewerage markets.

Being a manufacturer in Australia and importing pipe gives Orrcon the flexibility to adjust to market demands and fluctuations, plus they can continue research into up to date technology which will benefit Australia, its environment and the consumer.              

For further interest, please contact Greg Aurisch, Application Specialists – Fluids, at 07 3274 0611/ 0407 761 752; or Mark Grubanovich, National Sales Manager – Water Pipelines, at 07 3621 8406/ 0419 558 187.