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The Lubricant Sampling Procedure

Supplier: Integrated Reliability Solutions

A range of Sampling Points are available for use in both oil filled compartments, such as conveyor drives, and oil circulation systems.

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For oil sampling to be effective there are several fundamental principles that must be adhered to:

  • The sample must be a true representative sample of the oil in the compartment.
  • The oil must be agitated to ensure that particles are suspended throughout the oil.
  • The sample must be taken from the same point or depth in the compartment each time.
  • Circulation systems should be sampled on the return line or after the pump prior to filtration.
  • All efforts should be taken to ensure that the sampling process does not introduce further contaminants to the reservoir.
  • All efforts must be made to ensure the sample it self is not contaminated.

Correctly installed Sampling Points ensure that:

  • The sample is taken from the same point each time.
  • The oil is extracted from the same depth in the compartment each time.
  • Dirt and other contaminants are kept clear of the entry point of the sample tube.
  • Contamination associated with dipstick removal is reduced.
  • Sampling occurs quickly and easily.
  • Correct installation of Sampling Points in a location that facilitates ready access to lubrication reservoirs enhances operational efficiencies and improves occupational health and safety protocols.