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The Nissan 1F Series Forklift

Supplier: Powerlift Material Handling

The advantage of being part of a large automotive manufacturer is evident in the new 1F series forklift from Nissan.

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The combination of 50 years of forklift manufacturing with advanced engine technologies developed for passenger and commercial vehicles has resulted in a forklift that combines superior reliability and productivity with low emissions and running costs.

The 1F Series offers a QD32 diesel engine or the advanced K series engine with ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Control System) for petrol/LPG and is a further evolution of world- leading clean emission performance, with reduced Co, HC and NOx emissions compared to carburettor models.

Choosing the ECCS option provides an instant 5.5% fuel saving over the carburettor model and by flicking the power/economy switch to economy mode a further 17% fuel reduction is achieved resulting in a massive 22.5% overall reduction.

It also offers ultra-low noise levels that help reduce operator fatigue and allows them to hear the surrounding environment clearer.

A digital weight gauge that ensures the operator is aware of capacity limitations is also a standard feature.

The 1F Series is designed to provide a simply better and more productive place to work. The new multifunction LCD meter, spacious operator compartment, standard full suspension seat, smart control layout and responsive handling all combine to provide operators with outstanding comfort. It also has superior turning with the 2.5t model offering a turning radius of just 2230mm.

The 1F series is now available in capacities from 1.5t to 5.0t and the F05 series is available in 5.0t to 7.0t.

Maintenance is one of the major costs throughout the life cycle of a forklift. The first and most effective way to reduce maintenance and repairs cost is to construct a tough product.

Nissan has always been renowned for its top-class reliability and this reputation will be further enhanced with the new Nissan engines and drive-trains.

When service is required, the self-diagnosis system and easy access for maintenance assure the time required for maintenance and service is kept to a minimum.

A further cost saving is available through the development of its three-piece overhead guard. This is a part of the forklift that is commonly damaged and by law it must be replaced if the integrity of the overhead guard is compromised. On competitors forklifts a one-piece guard replacement can cost upwards of $7,000. On the Nissan 1F series, individual sections of the overhead guard can cost as little as $650.

Nissan pride themselves on safety, comfort and ease of operation, with their forklifts branded one of the safest in the world. With safety features like a sway control system for stability, a mast lock system, parking brake warning buzzer and automatic transmission lock-out system, this reputation will only be enhanced.

With speed being one of the biggest issues in forklift accidents, a speed limiter can be a critical safety feature. While this has usually been an aftermarket addition at a cost of around $3,600, it is standard on the Nissan 1F series with ECCS.