The Orthomaster from Amco

We at Amco have worked hard to provide the best mat to the hospitality and food processing industry.

The Orthomaster safety mat now has credentials that clearly recognise Orthomaster is a market leader (top of the tree).

The Orthomaster mat was launched to an eagerly awaiting market looking for true ergonomic and orthopaedic features.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and reached new heights with the new Orthomaster Super Bevel released early this year.

The new Orthomaster Super Bevel continues to achieve positive results and sales among all markets.

The users of trial mats across the Industry have continually opened up new markets where there has been a no mat policy put into place due to the laborious task associated with manual handling heavy mats when cleaning.

Most rubber mats weigh in at between 8-12Kg causing many back injuries when given the task to wash 20-30 mats at the end of shift.

The new Orthomaster Super Bevel mat has halved this weight coming up with a new generation mat coming in at an impressive 4.5kg leading the pack.

The Orthomaster Super Bevel mat is packed with a host of improved user friendly features giving employees and employer’s unprecedented comfort and durability throughout the workforce.

The Orthomaster when ordered with optional extras such as colour coding with a choice of 5 colours and yellow safety edges on either 2 or 4 sides achieves a maximum 5 star rating for every employee in your workforce.

Ergonomically designed to orthopaedic benchmarks.

For a full overview on the outstanding value please ring 1800 888 598 for your free 30 day trial mat today.

Will Small

Senior Executive

"Amco" Australian Matting Co.