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The P331 & P359 Battery Strapping Tools - Available at FROMM

Supplier: Fromm Packaging Australia
29 September, 2015

Part of the newest range of Fromm polyester (PET) strapping tools, the P331 & P359 are packed with the latest technology and feature intelligent new designs to make your strapping process easier, safer and more efficient.

Stronger, faster and longer lasting - The P331 & P359 are a marked improvement from the previous generation of strapping tools. T

he P331 is the world’s most powerful battery strapping tool and both the P331 and P359 are designed for high volumes of heavy duty strapping. Ideal for the hardwood timber, steel, aluminum, construction and compression baling industries, these tools are perfect for applications traditionally strapped with steel.

Enabling a switch from steel to PET strap can offer huge cost savings and create a safer, more efficient strapping environment. Built with ease of operation in mind, the P331 and P359 have a fool-proof operation and require no previous experience to operate.

Featuring either an automatic onetouch operation or a manual two-touch operation it has never been easier to securely strap your load.

The P331 can be rented for as little as $40 / week and the P359 from $50/week.

Both are available at Fromm Packaging Australia, whom have been delivering innovative, high quality & cost effective products to the Australian market for 38 years.