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The pitfalls of using non-genuine parts in racking systems

There has been an influx into Australia of racking parts manufactured overseas. The majority of the parts being observed relates to beams.

The use of non-original parts in racking systems can lead to catastrophic failure. This failure can include beam failure resulting in pallet "fall though" and or frame collapse.

A number of racking repair companies have begun to import after market, non OEM racking parts. The most common form of this currently appears to be beams. These beams are touted as "compatible" but are different in both performance and appearance. Common problems that have been found with non OEM beams specifically include:

  • Beams not fitting into the upright correctly
  • Poorly fitting or faulty beam clips that don't fit correctly into the beam
  • Beams becoming dislodged through normal use.

If foreign or non OEM parts are offered or discovered within a racking system the following questions need to be asked:

  • Is there a testing certificate for this part;
  • Does the testing certificate specifically demonstrate the compatibility of the parts being offered with the legacy parts? (is there are a testing certificate that shows performance of the parts on offer with my specific system i.e. beam to upright) and
  • Is the testing certificate from a recognised Australian Testing Laboratory that tests racking systems?

If you are unable to confirm any of the above then either insist that the repairer provide it or insist on original parts.

If you find these parts installed ask to see the certificates. If these can't be provided, testing may be required to confirm the compatibility and serviceability of the part.

This Alert is produced by Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA). IRIA are an Australian based company that complete steel storage racking inspections all over the world. For information on this Bulletin or any Steel Storage Racking related questions please contact us.