The Australian Navy has engaged Bulbeck Envirosolutions to supply containment booms, which are to be deployed in the event of a contamination spill at sea.

Following trial of the booms a Navy spokesperson said the booms were the "Porsche of booms".

Bulbeck is a long-standing and recognised supplier of products and services to the mining and heavy industry sectors. These cover all aspects of spill control management, training and auditing.

In recent years, Bulbeck has expanded its spill control management, training and auditing business, and is now supplying an increasing number of businesses including the Australian armed forces, emergency services and local government instrumentalities, and is ready for further diversification.

The company is responsive to a climate of heightened awareness, including requests for risk management systems and other services for sites and operations in respect to the protection of the environment.

Bulbeck's environment protection assistance extends to providing options to remote locations for disposal of contaminated waste that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill facility. These options include incinerator units, combination vacuum / cleaning units, oil skimmers, booms and absorbent materials.