The PowerHouse/WMS installation at Mobil Australia's Yarraville warehousing facility

Supplier: TallShips Solutions
12 February, 2008

The PowerHouse/WMS installation at Mobil Australia's Yarraville warehousing facility has been completed.Fully commissioned in June 1999 Mobil experienced a few glitches initially but the system is now operating very well according to Ms Mary Bakhoda,Project Manager, Lubes Operation at Mobil.

PowerHouse/WMS will operate at two warehouses at Mobil's Yarraville facility.The first is in the highrise warehouse containing combustible products.

Ms Bakhoda said, "This is really the most exciting element of the installation because automatic cranes and conveyors are used here and it is impressive to see everything operating smoothly."

This warehouse is 12 pallets high by 48 pallets long and has 5 aisles with a total capacity of 5,700 pallets.The storage and retrieval cranes,and the associated conveyor system,interfaces to Powerhouse/WMS to receive crane tasks and to control the movement of pallets through the conveyor system.

An additional warehouse contains flammable Mobil products.As soon as Radio Frequency (RF) equipment has been installed in this warehouse both facilities will be linked by Powerhouse/WMS.

Mobil intend to eventually eliminate all paperwork by utilising RF equipment from receiving products into the terminal to dispatch. "We are no where near utilising the full potential of PowerHouse/WMS but we are pleased with what we see so far.

We purposely chose a system that would continue operating effectively for many years to come.As our business plans unfold Mobil will be making use of all the system features available to us."

Currently Teklogix RF terminals are being mounted on forklifts and staff are completing training. Once this has all been finalised Ms Bakhoda anticipates quantifiable benefits that have a real affect on the business will quickly become apparent.