The Recipe for Presentation and Productivity: McDonalds Restaurant Saves More Than 80% on Cleaning Labour Costs

Queensland McDonalds franchisee Tanya Mulcahy is a long term advocate of Conquest. Tanya comes clean on her experience with Conquest Edge scrubbers, and Genuine Conquest Care.

When Brisbane-based McDonald's franchisee Tanya Mulcahy first introduced a Conquest Edge floor scrubber some 5 years ago, she could not believe the difference in the cleanliness and appearance of the Queen Street Mall restaurant floors. But improved presentation and hygiene weren't the only benefits Tanya experienced. It was the efficiencies gained that really impressed.

Queen Street Mall McDonalds Unique Floor Cleaning Challenge

The Queen Street Mall McDonalds restaurant in Brisbane claims to be the largest in the southern hemisphere. Each week, 30,000 - 40,000 people are served and the restaurant remains open 24/7.

Food spills and grime on the floors from heavy foot traffic had become a significant challenge for staff to clean, and the task took up to 8 hours each day.

Tanya needed a solution that:

  • Truly cleaned the non-slip, textured commercial tiles for improved aesthetics and hygiene
  • Matched the scale and manoeuvrability requirements to clean all of the restaurant floor surfaces
  • Meet food-safe and pedestrian safety requirements
  • Minimise noise disruption
  • Improve cleaning efficiencies within the restaurant

Conquest recommends Edge floor scrubber

Following an onsite assessment at the restaurant with a Conquest Solution Specialist, a Conquest Edge orbital floor scrubber was recommended.

Conquest's Edge Series scrubbers feature high-speed oscillating scrub heads that penetrate the floor surface for a deep clean without damaging the surface. The squared pads enable cleaning into corners and right along edges.

Conquest Edge orbital scrubbers are designed for the toughest applications, featuring food-safe corrosion-resistant stainless steel components including scrub head, hopper and fastners. They are ideal for non-slip or porous surfaces, food safe environments, and heavy duty or deep cleaning applications.

Conquest solution achieves 80% saving on cleaning labour

The introduction of a Conquest heavy duty floor scrubber equated to a saving of an incredible 80% on cleaning labour.

"It saved us a lot of time, this piece of equipment, obviously only taking an hour or two to clean our whole restaurant as opposed to 8 hours previously," Tanya said.

Tanya is very satisfied with the results achieved by the Conquest industrial scrubber on her restaurant floors, too.

"We could not believe the difference it was making on our floors. We are extremely impressed with the quality of our tiles now. They are actually cleaner than when we first had them laid!"

So when the time came to upsize her heavy-duty floor scrubber, Tanya knew just who to call. Jared Muller introduced the Carbon Edge scrubber during a recent onsite demonstration, and Tanya was quick to find it a permanent place in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall McDonald’s.

Tanya comes clean on Conquest

Watch the video to hear Tanya's reflection of her Conquest experience.

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