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The ultimate control tool for municipal water management

Supplier: Royce Water Technologies
17 July, 2013

Through fast, portable, and accurate testing, LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP monitoring technology provides real-time microbiological analysis of your water.

Why wait until tomorrow to know today's water quality? How clean is your water? Don't take chances on microbiological contamination.

Traditional microbiological measurements in potable water management programs focus on the measurement of indicator organisms such as E. Coli. LuminUltra's solutions do not replace these regulated parameters; rather, they are complementary and provide the means to guide total microbiological control initiatives to save time, optimise costs and reduce risk..

The LuminUltra Difference

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. Relying exclusively on culture tests for biological control has significant drawbacks due to slow feedback and significant underestimation of the true total population.

If left unchecked, microbial proliferation can get out of hand very quickly. Incubation times of days or weeks associated with traditional methods can result in contamination becoming exponentially worse by the time results are known. LuminUltra's solution characterises overall threat and offers the ability to mitigate problems in near real-time.

Follow-up tests involving specific culture methods can then be performed to validate control mechanisms and guard against specific threats.

While the value of real-time results cannot be understated, perhaps the biggest advantage to LuminUltra's biological monitoring technology is the fact that it detects ALL species of microorganism, meaning that no threat goes unnoticed. If a biological threat establishes itself, our methods will find it. As such, it serves as the ideal first line of defense for water quality management and process control.

Product Benefits:

  • Results available in < 5 minutes in the lab or in the field
  • ALL species of microorganism are detected (e.g. nitrifying bacteria, protozoa, SRB, etc.)
  • Identify and address threats during the same shift
  • Optimise distribution system maintenance, biological filter operation and flushing in real-time

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