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There is no future for Australian car makers

30 May, 2013

Government assistance to prop-up Australian car manufacturing is a waste of taxpayers’ money according to Charles Sturt University (CSU) researcher Professor Kishor Sharma who said funding should instead be targeted at supporting workers who will lose their jobs.

Professor Sharma from CSU’s School of Accounting and Finance said the closure of Ford Australia’s manufacturing plants in 2016 should not be a catalyst for more industry assistance.
Professor Sharma, has recently examined structural change in the Australian automotive industry in a recent paper published by World Economics: The Journal of Current Economic Analysis and Policy. 
"The only way to make the Australian manufacturing sector viable is through reforms in the labour market and infrastructure sector to reduce cost of production," he said.
Professor Sharma said Ford’s decision was not surprising and he’s expecting that other car manufacturers will soon follow suit.
He argues that while cars may be assembled in Australia most of the parts and components are manufactured overseas.
"The Australian automotive industry is well-integrated into global production networks, Professor Sharma said.

"The foreign value-added share in the industry’s production and exports has increased from about 45 per cent in 1990 to about 80 per cent by 2011. This implies that the contribution of foreign inputs in every dollar’s worth of the industry’s exports has reached about 80 cents," he said.
Professor Sharma said car manufacturers are owned by multi-national companies with the capacity to produce parts in countries like Thailand and Vietnam where wages are up to 70 per cent cheaper than those in Australia.
"As costs of transport and communication continue to fall, there’s a strong incentive to produce parts and components off-shore for final assembly in Australia," he said.

"Despite this, Australian manufacturers are facing higher costs in the absence of reforms in the labour market and infrastructure sector."
The lacklustre productivity and export performance of the Australian car industry in the past decade must also be considered, Professor Sharma said.
"The flow-on effects of the automotive industry on the Australian economy are much less than expected and this raises questions for the ongoing industry assistance, including research and development support," he said.
"It’s no longer necessary to produce cars in Australia and propping-up the industry is not an effective way of using taxpayers’ money. Structural change needs to take place and assistance should be focused on training and development to support the workers who will lose their jobs."

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boon | Thursday, May 30, 2013, 10:55 AM
i totally disagree mr Sharma,and im sure many austs will feel the same.i do not work in the industry at all, but to let it al go is a terrible loss, i have worked abrord in a foriegn tropical asian couintry for the last 8 yrs, the wages here are going up substantially, so in 10 or 20 yrs there will not be the 70% gap you mention. To import cars is burning diesel to run ships, dont you know co2 levels have just hit the 400ppm level? to run large ships carting cars around the globe will consume masses amounts diesel fuel, the cost for ship transport will only rise in the future- reducing your so called cost gap.Have you ever though how much air is in a cubic killometer? wi,l tell u-a trillion liters- a large ship will consume this and turn it into exhaust gas in 6 months running ( i will send you the calculations if you wish) So we must as a global community reduce importing where we can and produce locally. buy local there is a lot to be said for it i can tell you.The thing is to lose all the skills like engine casting, plastics and moulding etc etc i and im sure many millions of australians feel is a terrible loss. We must do all we can to keep it, one thing aust cars need to do is get out of the power cold war, who wants to see 350kw cars everywhere? not many i can tell you- we should be aiming for 5L PER 100kms or less cars, hybrids etc.and in a years 5L per 100km should seem heavy on fuel.The aust government supported toyota to produce the hybrid camrys in aust and how can anyone say this is a bad thing?,excellent car. it gives our young bright minds a place to learn, expand and develop new technologies. And another thing handing out money to support the closed down car manufactuiring ? sure we must support them if there is, but is not a good way to spend tax payers money-its far beeter all the people stay in work and produce good quality, economical aust built cars. SHAME on you mr SHARMA.
John Bird | Friday, May 31, 2013, 1:58 PM
A key point missed is that the car industry feeds a lot of other manufacturing skills. Australia defeated Japan in WWII because it could make things. We cannot win a war if we cannot make our own weapons and vehicles. But its true that the car industry was token and the government played some naive hands./ The fact that laser welding was never used is a big reason why cars are so expensive here. Australia still used gas welding and that was the evidence one had to realise decades ago these foreign companies were never serious and taking us for a ride. The government needs to repossess the plants and factories and let the workers run it as a coop.
Colin Spencer | Friday, May 31, 2013, 2:34 PM
When the Australian dollar reaches its true value against the US$ and the Japanese Yen; around 68cents US, Australian made cars, small, medium and large will be so much more popular than imports. Who would want to pay $15,000 more for a Golf than a Corolla or Cruze? Just watch Toyota, they are flexible enough to swing back to Australian assembly when exchange rates provide that incentive.
Rod Elliott | Friday, May 31, 2013, 10:38 PM
It's not all about economics, and economists (aka glorified bean-counters) are the very last people who should have a say in the matter. Manufacturing capability is essential to the survival of a nation in a time of crisis. Hopefully, such crisis will never eventuate, but of it should, we won't be in much of a position to help ourselves if all we can manufacture is breakfast cereal. As noted earlier, the car industry supports many smaller manufacturing companies, and if the car making goes, so does all the support infrastructure. I'm afraid that the author of this 'paper' doesn't have a clue about the real world and the interdependence of different industries that are vital. You won't know what you had 'till it's gone, and once it's gone, the skills that made it possible will go too. Does Mr Sharma know how to operate a lathe or milling machine? How about all the other machines that are used in manufacturing? We have already lost a VAST amount of manufacturing capability and skills, and losing more is unthinkable. Some things have to be supported, even if they don't make a profit. Bean-counters can't get their heads around that simple fact, but it's about time they learned about reality. Hint, it's more complex than red and black!
Geoff Thomas | Sunday, June 2, 2013, 8:51 AM
Problem is, politicians and academics don't understand money, firstly the balance of Payment debt, ie how much money the country is paying for importing goods more than what it is getting for exporting goods, - this figure will send a country down the chute of Greece etc, and is rarely addressed by Government directly in Australia, - for example we have a huge wound in our balance of payments because we import so much petrol, diesel and oil, - and generally all the vehicles that run on them. Does the Govt. act to reduce that? - Does it act to shift car and truck traffic to Trains, - electric are powered by locally dug coal, which could be extended to be powered by re-newables also. No the Govt, neither political party, does that commonsense thing, the decision is left up to the ordinary Australian who is often offered more roads built with expensive imported machinery or poorly organised railway. The other debt is Govt debt, which is mainly Internal so does not affect Australia's economic status. It is only when the Govt indulges in purchase of items from overseas or borrows money from overseas that the Balance of Payments debt is increased. These two debts need to be carefully understood as money spent in Australia on the car industry doesn't affect our balance of payments yet sustains employment but money spent importing cars certainly affects our balance of payments whilst reducing employment. I can remember how proud of herself Bronwyn Bishop was when she dumped a crockery company in West Australia, a family business which had been supplying the army etc. with crockery for ages because she was able to get the plates overseas significantly cheaper. Yes she saved some Government money on one side, although that money would have come back anyway through taxes etc, but cost Australia both money and jobs. One would think it would be obvious, but it seems we are led by short sighted fools more often than not. It should be obvious to the Govt that electric cars need encouragement also, as that would significantly reduce petroleum imports and develop new technology.
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:06 PM
Greetings all! As this subject matter is vitally important to the future economic & social well being of this country. I make no apology for epically presenting another lengthy critique & furbo discourse here. Other than to say that if you wish to remain conveniently unflustered, complacent and unenlightened dull! Don’t read at your dopey peril! No exceptional offence will be taken! Once again we have a typical desk boffin, giving us consistent best dubious expert advice, from a comfy hands free, academic sponsored desk location, seemingly a thousand miles and a world away from the factory floor or production line experience. Perhaps, as to not directly feel the difficulties, frustration and imminent pain & resultant family suffering. And dispassionately, casually present the standard Pontius Pilate, wash your hands, cleansing approach. Spruiking obliging Gov & community reception and plausible acceptance, for pollie convenient closure and demise of Australia’s manufacturing life blood and industrial work places. That still employ hundreds of thousands of enduring tax paying, pained workers and produces national wealth, GDP and our daily bread etc.! If dishonourably vilified, former regent exalted flavour of the month, now princely pauper, Judas Iscariot betrayed, victimised, down trodden and forsaken local “Manufacturing Redeemer”, had my furbo voice and insight compassion. It’d probably respectfully say “Forgive them “F” Richard Heads lord, for they know not what they do, the treacherous, snorting bastards”, before fast tracking Banana Republic Armageddon! Frustratingly, watching our clueless government treatment and antics for thirty plus years, I’m no longer shocked, but still resentfully disgusted with it’s undeserved, fickle, disloyal, unappreciated and abandoned treatment. I worry about the massive punishing risk to Australia, as consequence of implementing reckless, unsubstantiated, destructive, clean cut off recommendations and resulting deindustrialisation, economic, expertise, support and technological damage and destruction. Nevertheless, it’s the classically fascinating spruiker tempting article, where you have say, an easy lay 80% of the sordid facts and still deviously, stuff up and get the contrived, wrong, sinful answer they wanted! A form of nonsense, grotty interpretation of facts to draw a loosely convenient, errant, damning conclusion! My immediate, usual argentum response is, “whose foreign industrial pimps are they dirty, thirty pieces lobbying for”? Because it’s a sad, shameful, unhelpful, further wounding and condemning approach, akin to saying we’re already a ragged automotive & industrial s---, so it won’t matter if we get further terminal abused and done in? Whereas , as the decent, clever country we’re supposed to be, we should be correctly asking, “what can be done to remedy the problem & promptly commence recovery and restitution to good health and welfare”? And critically determine, how on Satan’s lefty union earth, did we disgustingly get to such a shameful, appalling loser shape and basket case condition? Answer: Lowlife, treacherous, bipartisan, global commission sell out, decadent Australian pollie government's and unions and grasping foreign importers, of course? Sadly, to pathetically abandon and needlessly be conned into letting manufacturing go, means continuing to destroy real full time employment and rapidly head technologically and economically backwards, as has been alarmingly occurring in proportion to the Auto industry’s demise! A non Auto manufacturing (assembly) Australia, will be one of only two nations in the G-20 group, including still developing Saudi Arabia, that doesn’t manufacture cars and insanely; The only one that did, that’s idiotically abandoned and jettisoned it! Dehh! Continued 2/5.
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:11 PM
Continued 2/5. Furthermore, despite having higher mass production volumes & markets, other competing countries generally subsidise their industries, far more than Oz! A thorough professor, might have addressed that spurious anomaly, in any hellish argument? But, what kind of experts, are all these distant boffins and advisers anyway, when all you hear is belated problems, problems,… problems, which have been abundantly evident to all and sundry for ages! But other than rash chop it off and be rid of it quick, or throw billions to temporarily band aid patch! You never hear a rare, workable, sound fixing SOLUTION? We don’t want to hear “It’s all badly stuffed and that it’s all going to fail, collapse and make tens of thousands unemployed”? That’s not what we very generously, pay mass duplicating academics and gurus for! We want to hear they’re going to, constructively “Save! Save! Save!” Us? Fat Mahatma Ghandi Chance of that? So! Way we go! Gaily, butt abandoning our long established Manufacturing then! Bright, Innovative, Clever! Clever! Supposedly, even niche “Clevererrrr, Cleveressssst Australia”? Just as the many Anti, Anti, Anti-est ( most anti) jerquer pollies, advisers, spruikers, lobbyists and brilliant academics repeatedly assure and spin hype tell us to do! I’m morbidly still waiting to see, which one/s have the slack but productive, birthing rear butts large enough, to trick pull out the hundreds of thousands of required, new replacement jobs they reliably always promise? I’ve sceptically heard, they’ll be two to three new successful paradigm jobs created, for every struggling subsidised rooted job lost in old manufacturing! That’s some mighty impressive rear guard action! Dream on Bum Buddy Brothers and butch Red Regina Clan sisters, otherwise better give us all your cushy pensions, perks and the rest of what you’re high on, so we too can endure till the Banana Republic arrives! Right? Meanwhile, apart from an arguably errant, unsubstantiated conclusion, our Guru Report, makes one highly pertinent, incomplete observation; "The only way,” which should correctly read “The best, most efficient way”, “ to make the Australian manufacturing sector viable, is through reforms in the labour market and infrastructure sector to reduce cost of production." But incredibly, glaringly neglects to specifically highlight the urgent need for reduced government charges, waste, inefficiencies, interference, regulation, duplication and tax burdening etc which drives these exaggerated costs and our grossly unlevel playing field? Which is at the fundamental core, of our inefficient, uncompetitive and failing systemic problems! Ford’s cut & run decision was not surprising and it’s fair to expect other remaining manufacturers to fall down the same dark gurgler, unless drastic change and significant, shake up, “put a “F” intelligent bomb under them” remedial action occurs? Beneficially the report aerates and confirms to all, the deviously kept government hush, that while cars may still be assembled in Australia. Their low plotted and induced rot, has already well and truly set in and as expected, most of the parts and components are actually now made overseas and “globally imported” for mere assembly here! Right? Or don’t the dopey, hefty fee paying, union rank and file lefty suckers, believe that after taking their money and making all those protecting jobs and keeping worker’s best interests at heart promises. Their sly, “craighy boy” ACTU and labour pollie brothel Plastic Card Comrades, would “nuovo socialist” betray and slippery communist shaft them in a good old schizo fascist brown shirt way? “Oh Yes, big time Rooted Labor Numb Nuts”! Continued 3/5.
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:13 PM
Continued 3/5. Undeniably, because of union and workplace intransigence, “Australian manufacturers are facing, crippling higher costs in the absence of reforms in the labour market and infrastructure sector” and “lacklustre productivity and export performance” With treacherous, hopeless morons running Australia's industrial show, industry is sadly already betray abandoned, weakened and truly filthy-integrated into conning global production networks. That work overwhelmingly in sell-out favour of importers and foreign workers. Clearly, all this hype about government commitment to the “Aussie made car” and supposed protection of local industry and jobs, is total DECEPTION & SHAM!, as I’ve continually vainly agitated and warned. So it’s a despicable, global be-trading shame that our regrettable national inability and failure to prevent “the foreign value-added share in the industry’s production and exports increasing from about 45 per cent in 1990 to about 80 per cent by 2011. And implied contribution of foreign inputs in every dollar’s worth of the industry’s exports has reached about 80 cents". Is now being used as bludgeoning weaponry, to conveniently harshly condemn and destroy it further, by dismissively arguing that; “The flow-on effects of the failure of the remaining automotive industry on the Australian economy, are much less than expected”? What was expected? And how do they know how much down side’s left and how bad the remaining ramifications will be? The Big, Bigger, Biggest, Magnifico problem for Juliar & governments now, is that they silly billies, all unquestioningly, dopily believed their W--- Advisor Extraordinaire, “Dr. O’nri La’Boom Boom,” who convinced them and countless other soft touches, that the resource “Boom Boom” was eternally sustainable and Australia should jettison the “olden mess” of dispensable, subsidies sapping, unprofitable manufacturing, for a new Asian Century Butt Wiping form of non manufacture, elitist unemployment and social welfare! Right ? Yes, but Wrong, Wrong since the boom would inevitably shrink, like all big, grand over inflated things do, and serious bread and butter industrial shafting & rooting damage has resulted, to our long established industries, technical advantage and expertise! He promised all night action. But delivered a mediocre, “poor Justin ten minutes”! Hardly worth worrying about darling? Nevertheless, we’re all pretty well f----- now, like semi plucked shag on an exposed, windy, shark infested coastal rock! and so ’s the economy? So ”Ta Ta, Sayonara, Adio and zai jian “ Aussie Budget Surpluses! How can we soon to be greeked styled, economic desperates, now logically cast doubt on “ongoing industry assistance, including research and development support”? The malicious thrust seems to be pressuring; Seeing we’ve allowed our industry to be weakened, stuffed and is now well and truly disappearing anyway, why bother expensively trying to support and retain the rest?? In essence, why not stop the struggle, capitulate and let the foreign industrial enemies’ strategy succeed and conquer? This is standard (military) attack and destroy strategy, that dopey Australia has fallen badly victim to Viz.; first damage and weaken the beast, then when it starts to falter, bleed and stagger around in hopeless abandonment, betrayed and quasi defenceless. Predatory, come in for the low Fatal Kill and celebrate and homage the Victor! That’s what’s blindly happening to Aussie manufacturing and it’s consistent with my previous article on “Future Wars” being fought in the factories, with exemplary leadership, efficiency, productivity, engineering, innovation and technology, rather than in conventional battle fields with exemplary weapons. Continued 4/5
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:16 PM
Continued 4/5. And the main reason why Australia should remain free, strong, and as self sufficient as possible in all matters. Clearly that’s commission sell-out, be-trading, badly not happening! So won’t someone, non squeamish with a tough stomach, please get a clean pot and at least collect and continually stir the draining blood, for some nice Aussie chocolate blutwurst! Or will I have to try and salvage that myself as well? But hold on, before we start licking lips! Aren’t our mongrel bi-partisan governments telling us that globalisation and exporting Aussie jobs, was/is precisely the right way to go? And now, they’re even recommending more destructive, total offshore relocation, to distance rid our failure’s evidence and embarrassment of continued expensive future handouts & compensation? An insane, out of site, out of mind and grossly unemployed strategy! So all the negative industry shenanigans being professor, badly criticised and the mass factory closures and job losses, including the thousands to be sacked as a result of “unviable” Ford’s retreat. Are all consequential and “effectively”, devious Aussie government orchestrated and planned! No wonder Regina Lefty will only con, waffle visit Geelong and merely offer temporary soothing, patronising, cynical words and “sweep away failure ” compensation packages, but won’t seriously manoeuvre or pressure Ford to rescind and save jobs! She regrettably believes and openly says, there’s no point trying to revive Ford, cause Aussie “jobs are not viable longer term”. Well, she’s “F” right, while her mobs’ stuffing our wastefully expensive, poor value for money, hopeless half a ding- a-ring Canberran circus. That’s what the frikin true, treacherous “champeen of ordinary un employed Aussie mum’s and dads”, says? Just how hopelessly, dopy can the Australian workers, public and system be?? No wonder whilst, the GFC damaged rest of the world is now making slow positive progress, we’re relatively going backwards faster than Regina’s bed springs on a lucky, lucky Timothy Night, or between parliamentary sheets Day! But, enough frivolity! Our serious grot at hand and errant report conclusions being arguably, limp pimp peddled, is that, “because of our current degenerate state”, “It’s therefore, no longer necessary to produce cars in Australia and propping-up the industry is not an effective way of using taxpayers’ money” And constructively suggests “Structural change needs to take place and assistance should be focused on training and development to support the workers who will lose their jobs” That sounds tricki dicki plausible? But the obvious objective and intelligent question, these jerquer boffins never, never fully answer is what nebulous future jobs or careers will absorb the hundreds of thousands of unemployed?? I’ve not heard one decent, credible suggestion or response yet! Cause there is nothing, but their regurgitated, useless spin and hype? They’ll delusionaly, opportunistically talk about more complex, higher value adding industries and products. But unless we’re all into rocket science, ear implants, medical prosthesis and the super high tech! You can’t get more high tech value adding than modern motor vehicle design and manufacturing and all it’s beneficial cascading economic and technological benefits. Already, ideally afforded my current local, relatively “mass” production! With many varied, associated direct and indirect jobs and employment to boot. Logically, if we’re already incompetent and an uncompetitive basket case loser with automobiles manufacture at present, we’ll soon, generally hit the same overburdened, failed uncompetitive standard issues with any future venture! Continued 5/5.
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:19 PM
Continued 5/5.It’s obviously a joke to have to seriously remind parochials, that little ‘old Australia, really truly, doesn’t have complete monopoly on clever cleverness and supreme, Luminary Intelligentsia? Otherwise the carbon tax wouldn’t have been such an issue, cause we wouldn’t have furbo needed electricity to light up many of our houses at night? Mucho, mucho lumens! Yet, if you listen to surrender and abdicating advice, including the two quite separate, supposed justifying conclusions presented in the two “insights bulletin’s” articles. We should cowardly give it all away and betray our industrial history and legacy? Absolute Crap! And Australia’s been falling for the dopey Country special batch for 30 years, me hardies! Finally, I guess Geelongites and local native footy champs “Bill Brownmore and little big Sam” don’t appear the brightest auto ignition sparkers on the utility shelf. But by Billies, they could’ve wild colonial boys & gals, impact done Australia a huge favour last week and maybe if the justifiable anger was rife, Ned Kelly vindictively, sacrificially strung our Aussie Lefty Regina, while she was deviously down there, a hopelessly spruiking in the stupefying clouded mist of condemned jobless? Cause, that’s one darn, quick furbo way, to bring on this much needed catholic monk recovery election! Wake up Australia, to the traitors, false allegiance and total stupidity in our midst! Cause if we follow abundant dangerous academic propaganda and recommendations, we’ll have the most expensively highly trained, educated and optimally qualified unemployed work force in the universe?? And we’ll need thousands more unfortunate disabled persons, to set up a second Disability insurance Scheme head quarters in Elizabeth, to help cater for the tens of thousands who’ll also loose their jobs, when “Holden goes the Ford way” in SA! “ Holden finally does a Ford from behind? Kinky, Great Curried and Sweet and Sour Mother of all Foul Bombay Belly C**p! Totally Foolish, Bureaucratic Nonsense, Mistake, Mistake … Mistake! But I guess no matter how often I say it, our Commission Richard Heads and pollie snorters, won’t Pecuniary Listen? But as I keep advising, until we hang a few of our destructive snorters for cumulative pain caused, incompetence, bad judgement and crimes against the nation, they’ll “Never Learn” and give us the respect, best efforts and benefits, they’re elected and supposed to be there for! Regardless, “Now You All Boom Boom Came back Now, You Hear! So finally Cheers, overly disgruntled, never surrender or Bananananananana Republica Australiana Barron, Furbo! PS. My repeat recommendation, to our slack, inefficient, duplicating, uncommitted, failing governments. Is if you’re not prepared to tackle the systemic, overburdening local “impossible Shock” and structurally provide a level playing field for our industries to compete and succeed in! You’ll have to bite the bullet and reintroduce levelling tariffs. I’d suggest of 40% for all competing imported manufacturing goods, would be a start and survival adjust from there!
dan petkoff | Monday, June 3, 2013, 2:19 PM
if we listen to the so called academics, we will be another UK / Ireland that is an economy that is service based. Manufacturing generates money by adding value. We must include manufacturing in our strategic policy for the future. If we dont, we will just be a big hole!!!
jonno | Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 9:18 AM
I see lots of comment about what the government should do, or has done wrong already. This is bigger than government, it is about the people of Aus and their willingness to invest in their industries and future. We all want our kids to have jobs/careers, but why do so many people insist on buying overseas products? Not just cars. Electronic goods too, we used to make a wide variety of electronics and general consumables but too many people want to buy cheap stuff from overseas. And it's about bloody time we stopped selling our companies to foreign multinationals that then close our factories because they can produce cheaper using Gina's $2/day employees. About time we have the guts to stand up for ourselves and our kids futures. Stop selling Aussie industries (Holden should be Holden, not GM bloody H). Stop selling our farms, our mines, our R&D. It's up to you and me as Aussies to invest in our industies by supporting local R&D, local manufacturing, local jobs.
Geoff Thomas | Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 12:16 PM
Furbo, your mad catholic monk wants to close Oz car making also, - of course he is in the party that is closer to the foreign multi-nationals you so justly decry, so perhaps you got carried away by your own loquaciousness, but you are barking up the wrong tree if you think that either of the main parties will do anything to change this situation, - after all it was pig iron Bob set the mould for his party all those years ago and that leopard will never change it's spots. I like jonno's comments better, and I would also argue that there needs to be a much deeper understanding of economics in the Australian people otherwise they get hoodwinked by the major parties every time.
boon | Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 1:00 PM
I hope your reading all this mr SHAME, ur supposed to be accountant, u need to pull your head out of the sand and wake up to what aust might be like without our car industry.Jono sure we need to support our local cars, lets hope with a tweak of their producs, some help from the govt and for people like mr shama to chnage their attitudes to a can do attitude and we can do it as a team.i am currently getting quotes for a hybrid australian made car, sure its not ford or holden but if im not wrong they are assembled here, and partly designed. If we can get the message for our local car makers to think fuel economy more they and all the users will be in a better place in the future, i had a 350 chev engined panel van when i was young ( against my fathers recemendadtions) and i hope my son will have a choice of 2-4 liter per 100kms car when he is old enought to drive and aust made of course.I hope mr shama has got the message?
Lou Furbadamo | Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 1:21 PM
Hello jonno, seeing I’m certainly one of those with the “lots of government comment’s” you refer to! Let me make no apology, nor retraction for my serious damnations and stark criticisms. This is “big picture important” and that’s why the duplicating, wasteful, apathetic federal & state governments are front and centre for our failure and blame game! So, don’t you or any one else start nonsense making feeble excuses or apologies for the bastards. If you we’re fully aware of their low, destructive local industry sell-out strategy, you’d understand that I’m not unfair, especially now, after the looming Ford Geelong disaster. Which still hasn’t really set in and take painful effect. I worked in manufacturing for over thirty years, with decent, reasonably well run companies and we never got a fair go! It was always touch and go and a cost cutting here, cost cutting there, shrivelling local content, hard struggle. Essentially, we went from locally manufacturing nearly 100%, to assembling nearly 100% purchased out side components, in the end mostly from overseas. So our local job content was progressively totally down, down! Not surprising, three of those companies have disappeared offshore! In any case! No population on earth, voluntarily buys 100% local home brands. Even when they’re cheaper, better quality and value for money product, as they are overseas! So Why? Would you expect Australia to be different. “Accepting or Dopey” Australian consumers get ripped off on nearly every imported manufactured good we buy, because we’re internationally a proven easy soft touch on price and The Australian government is incapable of doing anything about this! We’re used to being sapped at every turn, especially by our own multitude of Governments and local councils, etc.! But, it’s about time Australians started being given a fair level, competitive playing go at success, where they can more often win the sale on proper merit and not expensive government handouts or parochial “Buy Australian” sympathy! With regard to the Great Aussie Commission Sell-out, you complain about? Whose fault’s that? Who approved the sale and takeovers of hundreds of Mines, Assets, Farms and Cubbie station etc. etc. to these foreigners? Around 220 companies from China Alone! It wasn’t the ordinary Australian! But our best interest serving, “F” bi-partisan betraying, mongrel governments! They con the public by having the SHAM FIRB ( Foreign Investment Review Board), supposedly first properly assess and approve sales over around 240 Million, but there are thousands of large, obscenely un-Australian sales bellow that, totally un-vetted. To the point where they’ve now no real Idea how much of our country is foreign owned and controlled! Talk about selling the farm? And shockingly, this “F” FIRB board supposedly protecting our “best interest”, has never, ever, ever knocked back an application!! So what use have they been? So, who appointed and supervises their expensively fascinating, bureaucratic performance? You guessed right this time I hope? Our F-----g be-trading Australian Governments, they’ve all got their commission, kickback hands out and in there mate. And these “foreign behaving” foreigners know how to slippery grease and lube to advantage mate! So wake up to yourself and demand proper Change and Don’t ever defend treacherous, mongrel governments, cause you’ll only encourage them! And they’re snortingly, grossly encouraged as it is! Poor things, pity they couldn’t give themselves the recent “signed deal” 59 million party voter handout, to cream their already over frothy turd cake! Cheers, Friendly Furbo!
jonno | Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 3:02 PM
I agree fully Furbo, and am far from making apologies for the gov't. Perhaps we should remove the political duopoly (duoploy?) by voting in independents. The option of Labour (direction but no idea how to implement) or LNP (no direction and good at implementing it) is totally inadequate. We deserve better, and our kids deserve better. Don't just kick Labour out, kick the LNP out too. And kick out these economists/bean counters that cannot understand the need for more than a service economy.
Lou Furbadamo | Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 8:26 AM
Hello Geoff! Pity you seem unappreciative of my lengthy, value for money critique? In response, I agree with your obvious “that there needs to be a much deeper understanding of economics in Australia,” despite you being arguably short on that yourself. That’s why I carefully explain my arguments. In your case, somewhat in vain? But, if after reading my comments, all you can do is dismiss facts and make excuses for Lefty industrial failures and pin future blame on a poor budgie smuggler devotee? Then no amount of well intended, political & economic high sermon and helpful “Loquacious,” easy layman, embellished explanation, will extricate subjectively contented, critical intransigent types? Clearly, the local industrial rot started, with that dastardly, union acquiesced, Labor Benedict Arnold, Button Plan. And your lefties have consistently presided over our industry’s greatest destruction, as typically with Ford. They never stop the jobs fleeing! But, Croc tear, pathetically waffle retraining and compensation. Regardless, the greatest failure & damage, has occurred during the last six years of Devious Reign! They’ve repeatedly scored the most destructive closures or worker cut back points: Ford, Mitsi, Bridgestone, One Steel, Nylex, BAE, Kerry, APV. Cuts to; Bluescope, Hills/Fielder/Orcon , Boral, QBE, GMH, Toyota, CSR, Rio, etc. have all strained, “off-shored”, or collapsed under overly burdening Labor! Whose, cumulative incompetence has “exemplary” left a legacy of gross, wall to wall State Gov. Destruction and future crippling Budget Deficits, except in that giant mine pit, WA. And you dare “wisely” suggest Liberals would be worse? I’ve previously explained why industry won’t be much better, with their “we’ve done it before, we’ll do it again” wishful policy either! But, they’ll be more financially disciplined & waste less salvage money, if Car Companies continue playing us for cuckolding fools, won’t commit to long term local manufacturing and deviously harbour & plot “desirous, lecherous China Moves”? The nation will be far worse off “without” a solid, mandatory, manufacturing base. But no party currently has, the understanding, nor courage to properly undertake the necessary efficiency restructuring of the entire wasteful political system to regain broad, competitive working environment success. For starters, we need to be rid of our near bankrupt, spendthrift, duplicating colonial State governments! Which no one will do!! That’s why I’ve suggested 40 % tariff protection. However, we’ll all soon “furbo” realise that perilous rigged free trade, globalisation and mass sell-out, is our grandest failure and be “Greece” compelled to revert back to defending local ownership & value adding, high employment, manufacturing. And grovelling for Auto companies to come back! Otherwise, with sham Asian Century Industrial policies. Our remaining industry will also, quantum end down defunct Juliar’s, crushing industrial black hole? But, throwing unconditional public money in Auto assistance, is mostly counter productive, because it gives “them” time to attractively further amortise facilities & equipment and better prepare their exit, to cheap China Strategy. Where current viability equations strongly lead! We must dent that China bound calculation, by improving standards and tossing proven unexpected leg spinners, like tariff protection, improving productivity & competitiveness and penalising Asian globalisation. Even if you only partially understood my comments and the intent of their global worker betrayal. You’d be throwing damnation stones yourself at your sly lefty heroes? Soon, you and other clueless Aussies, will appreciate just how destructively bad, Labor’s systematic industry betrayal and “Jobs off-shoring” has been. Cheers, Furbo!
Russell | Friday, June 7, 2013, 2:49 PM
Mr Shama is wrong. Look at the damage this did in NZ for example. Whole communities were devastateted all so they could send all of the dollars overseas to help the likes of China's booming manufacturing industry. The Government over there in NZ said it would bring down the price of cars! Many years down the track now most people over there still cant afford a decent new car and drive around in cheap crappy used Japanese imports! Its false economy and as usual the Govt does nothing about it and sits on it hands
Colin Spencer | Friday, June 7, 2013, 4:45 PM
The world didn't end when Chrysler stopped making Valiants. It didn't stop when the Leyland P76 went off the market no problem. When Ford stopped manufacturing Cortinas, Escorts, Lasers and Fairlanes, it was no disaster. The Falcon just might be replaced by a more suitable vehicle. Ford has plenty of options, so, when the Aussie dollar falls to its real value, they will kick off with Australian assembly again, if they need to.
Lou Furbadamo | Saturday, June 8, 2013, 1:48 PM
Hello Colin! Any other topic, I’d have allowed you to stay confused and in your contented dopey element. But on such a crucial matter for Oz. I must say, yours at best, is a very simplistic argument and frightfully wrong! No serious offence intended, but a flippant case of just enough knowledge, memory and facts, to distract, confuse and importantly, be dangerous to the nation’s future best interest? Crucially, you’re extrapolating from outdated facts and a time of healthier manufacturing & economic conditions of the pre mongrel, Button Plan of the seventies and early eighties! When Local manufacturing was still King of the Mountain and loss of market share by one, would benefit the other two locals. So there was a sustained, good, reliable level of local component manufacture, mostly still extensively value added in house. Compared to today’s out sourced, global modular assembly, which is hardly local manufacturing anyway! Importantly, both Chrysler and “blink you’ll miss it, Leyland”, were relatively low volume, two bit players and not mainstays of the healthy Aussie manufacturing. Specifically, Valiants ceased in 1981, after being retooled & volume replaced by incestuous take over master, Mitsubishi in October 1980. They replaced it, with the smaller, fuel efficient Sigma, deemed to be more consumer, marketing and environmental appropriate. So there was no loss of crucial local manufacturing, capacity demand, as will devastatingly happen to current “unhealthy” component suppliers of Ford. Unless some infatuated, blind white knight or gullible devil step in to take over operations in our grossly uncompetitive, government rip- off , unlevel., imminent failure environment! Right? Just a Mitsi retool model change & minimal impact to component suppliers. In any case, Chrysler, Leyland and later Mitsi. for that matter, were small fry compared to the big boys Ford and Holden, who were jousting for top spot. They light weights, were viewed by component suppliers as non essential, bonus at the time. Things would be very different in today’s untenable lower volumes! With regard to your Leyland P76 furphy blip, that was an aborted entry. It never even came close two challenging the bigger three and only 18,000 were ever made from1973–1975. So, that was a failed attempt, to actually further boost local auto manufacturing. What you don’t mention, is that its local facilities and interests were bought by Toyota, who then beneficially proceeded with far more professionalism and success, to overtake the languishing older Aussies and provided a valuable boost to volume and local component manufacturers. Remember? The other nonsense, red herrings you mentioned; Cortinas, Escorts & Fairlane etc., were low volume model changes, that go back to a more ancient time, when gay Donny & Dunky Lefties, were still cruising the Adelaide Torrens at night for a quite illicit rendezvous! But mostly getting, heavy Commissioner Salisbury’s SA. Police Bash, Bruising and river dunking? No great loss, other than sentimentality? Their share of the market probably went to marquis like Holden Statesman Deville, alluring Caprice & the ultimate nippier, Greatest King of the Mountain, Aussie GTR XU1 Brock Torana! Without overall, Aussie market share loss, or healthy component volumes! Regardless of past glories, the state of local Auto Manufacture is vastly more desperate, down trodden and perilous abandoning today. Effectively, globally “half dead already” and critically on cynical Gov. billion dollar, sucker subsidy support. So Ford’s demise, will now have far more devastating consequences with tens of thousands of jobs, skills, technology & engineering expertise and support base losses, from an already badly abandoned, hammered and deprived industrial system. Continued 2/2.
Lou Furbadamo | Saturday, June 8, 2013, 1:54 PM
Continued 2/2. Just visit the two former Mitsubishi Tonsley park and Lonsdale factories and see the hopeless government’s, waste funding and non-activity that’s “bull---t not much,” going on there now? It’s “F” pitiful? Maybe, detractors should “furbo” consider why SA’s aggravatingly become, an eternal Basket Case, forced to hit record deficits, by progressively allowing it’s long established industry base to sapping disappear. And then aimlessly try to belatedly patch up, “compassionately absorbing,” resultant job losses, by insanely boosting public service numbers nearly 70% in ten years? Problem is, the same incompetent, overburdening, bleeding Gov. wasting “Impossible Shock Disease”, that’s terminally infected the Automotive industry, will continue to infect and kill off any other major manufacturing venture. Unless it’s wearing an isolating sheath or condom, to protect it from the rampant, debilitation local papilloma-like uncompetitive, infectious virus, stuff up! So your “piddly nonsense contribution”, is probably more useless than the one hour, emergency High Level Auto Industry W---fest Meeting, the Gov. decoy convened in Melbourne yesterday. Cause at least, they’re all “on the same page”? But then again, they’re far more expert at expensively, low high level meetings and desperately pretending to be Non “F” Useless! What could they have possibly achieved in one hour of waffle and brinkmanship, that they haven’t achieved in the last thirty years of high level government and arguably industry incompetence? Certainly, not Ford’s retention & jobs salvation! Laughably, their only reasonable parting recommendation, was to encourage the other hopeless myriad of federal, state governments and even more frittering local councils. To “please” hence forth, fleet buy Australian “assembled” Autos! You’d have thought, that with our invaluable industry in diabolical under utilisation and current, also ran sales demand. They’d have instituted that policy, as a mandatory requirement years ago to support the locals that pay their mongrel wages, the useless, ungrateful, snorting “bastardi”? But the biggest joke of all, is that although hopeless soon departing "Regina Rossa" was there with all her humpty dumpty industry men and ambiguous, “Spare Capacity” economy saving Penelope Ping Pong”. The new, Catholic Redeemer & Australian future dynamo Economic Saviour, Bondi Budgie Wabbot & Co. Who’s GST sapping, Wayward done it all successfully before, was nowhere to be seen? Pity! Because unpopularly pathetic, long nosed Regina, will be Ta Ta! Arrivederci! Flicked off! Ousted! Good riddens! Hasta la vista baby! Gone in a few months and then what! These filler attendees, wouldn’t have had time to scratch their tax payer pampered Butts? Perhaps, he’s on the naughty boy outer, for threatening to slash & skittle their secret low crony grants and subsidies? A sort of peculiar, Hero Pope Rooting Tooting Leo X , Reverse Indulgence? If you don’t know what that means? There, was a powerful loafer, unholy Christian Dago, yet Furbo Man of Medici Means. Who could invariably rake in and score the big “mullah” profits, without much hard work or suffering, to the displeasure of devout, non slacker, over flagellation, penance Jesuit Kraut, Martin Luther! Leo was amazingly, much like our snorting Lefties, except that he was infinitely more successful and gave his true believers, valuable redemption and automatic eternal life. As distinct from our local, fee thieving, plastic credit card, quasi-brothel “ F--- All Bastardi”, who instead provide wholesale unemployment & future Satan misery! So Cheers, Happy to set your limp, old story & facts straight! But, I can’t automatically start your manual thinking & stop the bull. Ever so Hopeful, Knowledgeable and terribly Friendly and Caring, Indulgent Furbo!
Geoff Thomas | Saturday, June 8, 2013, 5:47 PM
Hi Furbo, i see that you disagree with my economic analysis, but really you need to say why and evince reasons, otherwise we may all suspect your blind hatred of women, lefties and greenies is your only reason and since they are all existent entities you are incumbent to admit to these prejudices and of course they are not an argument, - unless you are of a specific culture perhaps, - and even then.. Some of your stuff loses itself in the windings, but I truly don't believe that anyone who maintains that either the Liberal or the Labour economic analysis/claims is reality, has thought deeply and is well informed. The current pseudo Keynesian and so- called Rationalistic economic scholars have both lost the plot, - of course always there is a bit of truth on both sides, but we need to find it and contrast it, not blindly follow one side or another. To start with.
Bruce | Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 2:36 PM
HA HA Furbo. What a marvelously melodramatic and misanthropic diatribe. 10/10. How long did it take you to dig up all those wonderfully woeful adjectives?
max | Thursday, June 13, 2013, 11:03 AM
Heres a thought. The power is always with majority public action. Why don't we as citizens of the great country boycott cars that do not have a manufacturing base in Australia. If we did this then who knows maybe other companies will set up here if they want to import to this country. You can not expect governments left or right to introduce tarrifs on imported cars, Let us be the first to mandate this for the future of manufacturing in this country
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 17, 2013, 9:10 AM
Allo Bruce! I hadn’t realised we might have clueless, Drs. Dodgy Dope Lefty Tea Leaves- Psycho-Analysts, trolling these unsuspecting heartfelt articles. If I’d known, I’d have changed me undies, just in case I went into convulsive hysterics, at your flippant, smart Alec spiteful, blink & miss contribution? Unlike your apparent nonsense, It takes little time for the proper, beefy commitment, you’ve criticised, if you know what your talking about, Brucey! Instinctively critical, apathetic, clueless types, without opinion, shouldn’t go around half cocked deriding other's genuine efforts, expressive words or style. Importantly, it’s the message that counts and supposed, “wonderful and woeful adjectives” are subjective and mostly a figment of negative trolling, block head imagination? Hypocritically, you’ve clueless used, even more “abnormal Greeking misanthropic” words? Are you sure you’re not Juliar’s toy boy, lackey, that’s misunderstood or misspelt her favourite butch word, “Misogynist”, now she’s pretty well politically down & rooted? Because on the contrary, I love & want to help people and have no “general hatred, mistrust or disdain of the human species”, as you ignorantly pertly claim? After all, I’m a devout evolutionist and therefore we’re all distant loving relatives with a common ancestors? Despite some not being quite as far up the “Sapiens Evolutionary Tree” and therefore requiring furbos to philanthropically, look down quite some distance to Cheerio Wave and attest friendly, humanist, caring, people loving demeanour? After all, I could have easily ignored your mindless jibe and not bothered to try educate, train, smooth things over, develop repour and miss sending a long rope down to compassionately help, selectively pull a struggling cousin climber, up at least a couple of family tree notches? Admittedly, I’m not overly complementary to your devious, Lefty Juliar pollies and their pandering, defending stooges. Who default encourage them to continue recklessly stuffing up this country. But they’d now only be the odd dishevelled, can’t decide on which dim wit Lefty leader, minority, wouldn’t they? Even then, mine is a readily justifiable, tastefully conceited ego thing, more than anything malicious. I want the best for all "Bella Bronzata Australia", even clueless, jibe types. As you’ve had nothing to article contribute, other than “sly jibe-talk”. By definition, that's a “nasty troll”? So, to be absolutely clear, seeing there’s so many Bruces around! Which Monty . Python one are you? ” The political Bruce or perhaps Classical or Hegelian philosophy Bruce or alternatively the Illogical Negative, Sheep Dip Bruce? Cause you sure don’t sound darn smart enough to be a furbo Machiavelli Bruce!! And that Dago wasn’t a cricketer either, ding bat Bruce! Pity your dismissive response wasn’t congratulatory and appreciative of my patriotic effort. But then a s--- stirring troll, wouldn’t be interested in seriously, constructed argument! However, I welcome any dopey fodder, to munch and casually burp on! Cause you may not be local manufacturing devoted, but If your doing a job, do it properly! Otherwise you’ll embarrassingly leave them wanting and your butt, kick exposed! Cause, wham-bam-thank-you-mam‎ treatment, isn’t enough. Proper supporting clues & thought to put "ya brain" in gear, is imperative, when bimbo trying an anti Furbo, cheap shot! Saddest of all, When will pandering Lefty clueless, apathetic types, start taking responsibility for the progressive destruction, ruination, sell- out and waste being inflicted on our economy, Industry, living standards & affordability?? Cheers, Hopefully you’ll improve your muted vocabulary & expression and pull yourself up a couple of braches! That way we won’t need to look down so far to friendly, sympathetic wave you! Friendly & Caring, Furbo!
Lou Furbadamo | Monday, June 17, 2013, 9:33 AM
Hello Max! I like your patriotism with “citizens of the great country boycott cars that do not have a manufacturing base in Australia”. But two things should be immediately obvious, because although we may a great country, we clearly don’t have equally great loyal people and secondly and most importantly; We don’t have excessive wealth and affordability nowadays, thanks to our overtaxing and crippling, duplicating, relic political system. Otherwise, I’m sure even most, not so great Aussies, would see the value, sense and the many economic, employment and social benefits, in buying local manufactured cars and goods! However, you don’t seem to realise that by expecting people to voluntarily or forcibly pay the much higher prices for our more expensive, arguably, inferior value for money Aussie vehicles. You are in effect imposing a Tariff anyway, but on “us good guys” only, who can afford to buy local, whilst the baddies that couldn’t give a stuff, get all the cheap price & economic benefits! Cause what a tariff does to level out prices and advantage the local manufacturers, is force all to pay the dearer “extorted” local price, with the government pocketing the price discrepancy boost from importers. But since you won’t get the dreamy loyalty, you naively elude to, unless the government tackles the “impossible shock”, which it refuses to do to make local industry cheaper & competitive. Reintroducing, the previously well established and functional tariffs, is the only sensible way to belatedly repair the damage of the last thirty years of the abundantly , devastatingly failed, treacherously Mongrel Labour “Button” Plan. And finally you can’t “mandate" a voluntary choice! Regardless of how badly manufacturing needs to “buy Australia”, because most will still, short sightedly buy what “seems best” for their pockets first and the country second? The biggest joke is that insanely pathetic! We can’t even get all these “F” snorting government and local council departments to get on board and buy local!! So good luck with you honourable idea and in the meantime; "Ta Ta" remaining Aussie Auto Manufactures without tariffs or continued billion dollar subsidies, unless drastic restructuring occurs! However, failing our sure lack of government action! It’s better to reintroduce hefty tariffs and let foreign importers pay the premium tax contribution to our budget bottom line, rather than have to dish out more dubiously exploited handouts, subsidies and grants! Cheers! The equations & calculations are furbo clear! I have the authentic painful, saving plan ready, Furbo!
murray andrew | Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 1:18 AM
Ok, No direct assistance,but no future shows lack of imagination.
max | Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 7:22 AM
Hi Lou I didn't say buy Australian cars I simply want people to only buy cars that manufacturing plant in Australia. There are plenty of Imported Toyotas, holdens and Ford that are great cars .As the GM of Ford said, we make good profits on selling imported cars but lose on locally made ones. Lets send a message to Ford and stop buying their imports then hopefully the other two will stay and if Hyundai want to sell here will have to open a plant. Just an Australian thought from someone whos not very bright but can see our future like me
Colin Spencer | Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 8:09 AM
Lou, it is so difficult to refrain from informing you of your obvious shortcomings, one of which is the ability to use such a large number of words to convince readers who bother to read them all, that you are not a very practical person. It is better to say nothing, and have people think you may be an idiot, than to provide so much evidence which would convince them that their assessment was correct. Get a haircut, and get a real job.
Lou Furbadamo | Thursday, June 27, 2013, 9:13 AM
Hello Max! Thanks for the clarification. But, I don’t see the practical significance of distinguishing between non local manufacturing base, regular imported cars and those imported by our key local Toyota, Ford & GMH manufactures! An import is an import, made in a globally foreign factory, primarily benefiting other economies, workers & component supply and only provides local transport, advertising and sales input activity here. Yes, they’re usually good cars and in Australia, make more sales profit, because according to Ford & GM, they supposedly cost half or a quarter as much as the locally manufactured vehicles. Auto retailers can therefore, up their profit margins significantly, still out compete the locally “assembled” vehicles and make the suffering Aussie sap customers, typically pay more for cars than they do overseas. And then, still have the cheek to extort subsidies from our clueless Aussie governments, without long term commitments and plans to competitively change! What you apparently don’t over value and appreciate, is that the more of a vehicle is “globally imported”, the less the local Aussie value adding, component supply, expertise development, employment, expansion and viability. Most of Australia’s component supply industry, is already badly suffering because of government incompetent, betraying fondling and facilitating of “global manufacturing” that’s fast rendering “Aussie Made” to mostly façade assembly and “badge-ing”, without the overwhelming local benefits of past conventional practices. Hilariously Sick, thousands of unemployed or retrenched Aussie workers, can however now fascination visit their old jobs in overseas factories, thanks to our over gorging Pollie & Union ding bats! I’m not sure we can competitively support your desired “more local manufacturers”, we just need those we have to be better value and cost competitive first, so as to regain viable volumes and significant market share again and not require Government subsidies assistance. The more viable competitive Aussie manufacturers the better, cause we need all the local jobs & opportunities we can muster for the good of our now often suffering own! And until our jobs & industries are “impossible shock” made profitable & secure again, let the importers, impostors and spruiking be-traders, rack off and let the foreigners look after themselves, in their own frikin countries. The Best way to do that at present and balance the manufacturing anomalies, in a problem denying and issue abdicating, Asian Century Butt Wiping Cowling Australia! Is to simply re- introduce substantial level cost playing field Trade Tariffs (at around 40% for starters), until we overcome our wasteful, inefficient Aussie structural “shock”, become genuinely competitive and run on our own four good, un-punctured or flat, Aussie Mag Wheels! Cheers, Always Pro- Aussie Furbo! Cause as our bi-partisan, back flipping, Pollie Snorter Bastards haven’t worked out, that nowadays “Australian Charity should still begin at HOME or near Elizabeth or Geelong perhaps”??? Wake up Australia! Cause our treacherous industrial w-----s are deviously always be-trading and sell-out at it!!
Lou Furbadamo | Thursday, June 27, 2013, 9:56 AM
Presumptuous Colin! As usual you’re off subject mulling over your last reaming and still embarrassingly, clueless arguing, with no idea about auto industry or good advice? As previously; Your’s is a readily dismissible, “flippant case of just enough knowledge, memory and errant facts, to distract, confuse and importantly, be dangerous? You’re extrapolating from outdated facts and a time of healthier manufacturing & economic conditions of the pre mongrel, (Comprehensively Failed & Destructive to local Industry) Button Plan of the seventies and early eighties! When Local manufacturing was still King.” So there was a sustained, good, reliable level of local & in house component manufacture. Compared to today’s global modular import assembly strategy, which is hardly local manufacturing! Pity you’re incapable of properly addressing or contradicting any of the known facts, so don’t wear out your favourite waffling mirror to call others “idiots”, will you Dopey? Obviously, you’ve dim wit not accepted, that I’m trying to stop sapping Gov. & privateering Colin dud heads from further betraying and destroying our once healthy & wealth sustaining manufacturing and its invaluable associated jobs. Sadly, “Furbo Paradigm Australis” sufferers are generally set in your nonsense way and can’t be easily taught! No matter how often and how many prompts, pages, buckets and volumes of refreshing explanation, I present and lead “sus” equine asses to, you can’t make a stubborn Burro drink! After all previous explanations, a fair minded, non afflicted. Should’ve heeded previous advice and sought lacking manufacturing enlightenment? But to no avail! If you’ve dubiously taken 18 days to rebuttal, you’re surely struggling and “self impacted,” you poor trivial thing? We’ve got a new PM now and I’ve been to confession twice, to seek absolution for egotistically, rubbishing poor, less enlightened brother creatures! Yet absurdly you tempt again! Pity ignorance & being lost with fairies at the end of your struggling manufacturing garden, denies you the wits to heed good advice, cop your medicine, learn your lesson and stay down for the argument count? Transgressing, a self diagnostic symptom of the paradigm, is the sufferer’s belief that their is nothing fundamentally wrong, wasteful and uncompetitive with the current, industry burdening, multi snorting three tier & hangers on Gov? And that our crippling, far higher cost base is part and parcel of superior local lifestyle, benefits and standard of living! Anyway, Brother Lefty! Commiserations for your nonsense and for your poor darling, misogynist entrapped and dispended heroine Regina Rossa! Surely even you, can see that only, in a shamelessly paradigm afflicted, Aussie System. Could you contradict Ned Miller’s song & actually reverse go “from a Queen to Jack Ass” Peking Ruddy Duddy Duck and believe it OK? Even, the three feminist, misogynist punishing robed Milan Witches, sentenced poor “Silvio Libido”, to seven years & no more poli-tickling, for pleasurably “Bunga Bunging per tutti” young “Ruby Rubimicazzi”! Whereas in amazing Oz, you can ravage, fully stuff and abuse Bella Bronzata Naïve Australia and they’ll make you a “F” dud Emperor again! So “Too Bad” for poor “She’ll be right & Tops Again” paradigm afflicted Oz! It’s struggling, vested business owners that disaster suffer most from a bad economy! So next time you’re tough times out; “don’t have drinks on me” and perhaps, preserve recover sufficient grey matter, to eventually wisely understand my message! Best, to be a successful & experienced true furbo first, before vainly dispensing your regrettably pathetic nonsense brand of advice and failing recipes on others! Caring Furbo!
boon | Monday, July 1, 2013, 3:14 PM
Fubo appreaciate your support on this one, but really too many words mate, one of my motto,s is less talk and more action.Mate i cant read all your emails cause im too busy at work. hahah wish i had a job like yours. But i think we all agree sharma has to pull his mind out from the gutter, have some pride and faith in this country.Sharma you should go start a public education on fuel effeciency,and make car noise testing under full load compulsory, im sick of hearing rev heads in their hotted up cars in suburban streets, and would you all believe me if i said i once built up a 350 chev and fitted it myself in my old holden, yes true story-i have seen the light but sadly thousands and millions havent.The car makers need to get on board and aust gov needs to stop supporting holden and ford to make 350kw cars,but support hybrid efficient cars, we need cars that get 3,4 or 5 liters per 100kms,solar panel chargers on roof, bonnet and boot, dont let our sons and daughters become victims of these products wrapped around light poles on the freeway and county roads.thanks again all to spread this message.
Colin Spencer | Monday, July 1, 2013, 3:23 PM
Furbo, even if you had something positive to say, you destroy your own argument with verbal diarrhoea. I am surprised to see the moderators allowing you to use so many words.
jonno | Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 8:32 AM
Boon, Colin, both spot on :) Furbo, brevity is beautiful. Put down the dictionary and concentrate on your grammar and sentence structure. However, I do agree that the Aus gov't should not be subsidising these foreign owned car companies to 'manufacture' (read: assemble) in Aus. The problem in the car industy began with allowing GM to purchase Holden. And the problem has not stopped there, and will not stop until the government and Aussie population stop selling our companies/industries/raw materials to overseas companies; start selling products, not our industies! We have to start making stuff again, using our mineral and energy resources to manufacture end products that are in demand on the global scale, not just for the domestic market. The problem with foreign ownership of our companies is that the foreign company does not want our products competing against their own products on the global market.
Lou Furbadamo | Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 9:31 AM
Hallo Boom! Seems your also foolishly into giving unrequited personal advice, like your coincidental oblivious mate Colon. Rather than sticking to subject matter and facts? You say you find reading my comments laborious? Perhaps you should improve your reading skills and comprehension for starters? Cause what part of; “ I make no apology for epically presenting another lengthy critique & furbo discourse here. Other than to say that if you wish to remain conveniently unflustered, complacent and unenlightened dull! Don’t read at your dopey peril! No exceptional offence will be taken!” Didn’t you understand? Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so intimidating? But, don’t worry, cause my extra words won’t damage the auto industry, like our Guru’s recommendations, gov. strategy and your suggestions? I’d applaud someone making the extra effort to put the debate and options beyond doubt and calling all spades a spade and foreign industry sell-out, doomed betrayal? It doesn’t take long if you’re organised, literate and know what you’re talking about! Objectively, your rubbishing , redundant comments do nothing for industry, as they relate to future strategy, which Auto companies are already working on and won’t avert thousands of looming job loses at Geelong etc. Your vehicle noise and tricked up 350KW high performance minor issues are more police & gov. regulation responsibility and not for the current Auto builders of the quite as a church mouse, mostly emasculated cars of today? So don’t impose personal preferences! Other than, exposing distant, impractical views, your dissuasive Jerquer nonsense, has shown less “action” in protecting the thousands of local jobs, than most! What “Action Man Stunt & Results” were you expecting in a comments forum? Smart arsed criticising “gallant, noble, unselfish, unvetted, golden, superior” furbo effort is naturally painful, counter productive, condemnable and would destroy local jobs. Because “yours” remains a feeble, high cost, unproven, low volumes, daydreaming demand, mostly still R& D sector? But Good luck to your unreliable “sheila’s little gutless car ventures”, pity few real men will buy them? They’d be one step up from those gophers carts and far too expensive for what they are! Wouldn’t they? Let me know when you & mate are driving about, so I can cheekily, bigger real car tail gate “Toot, Toot Razz” you or better still. Blast me Cucaracha 24V truck horns and scare you off the road with a solid high chrome bumper & grill collectors HJ Caprice. But don’t worry, I won’t get too close, in case any battery acid or loose bits spill out from your mobile oversized rickety toy! That’ll teach proponent assembles of light weight dreg cans on wheels? What irritates most, is people compromising the best interests of our nation, to better advance & peddle their own trikes, gophers & flat barrows. Even if developing hybrid vehicles is the way. Ford disappearing, won’t help jobs here, Now! Obviously, if you hadn’t wasted fruitful time mucking about with 350 Chevs. You’d be more successful and perhaps even a fully active, self funded retiree? Qualified to give good advice to help other poor dingbats still struggling with atrocious views, mistakes and sapping economy! Finally, set in your paradigm way? Here’s some handy tips; First, put your brain in gear before you drive your battery toys. Secondly check your poor spelling and grammar, cause it’s obvious why you keep your comments brief. Thirdly tell your mate Colon to stop wasting my time. And lastly, if you’d been successful, you’d be able to “bribe pay the underpaid moderators handsomely” to publish the rest of your “cr**p as well! Cheers, Always finding the time to pleasurably sort out & help Dopes out! Really! Caring Furbo!
boon | Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 10:39 AM
furbo...do you have ADD?, dont take our advice too hard old son, re the cars and my past, if i remember rightly there was not much said of climate change 25yrs ago?. i just ask to consider this-We should all be driving our last, or second last conventional car, some people might still feel the need for a massive over powered car, and i cant change that on here,but if we learn and understand and catch up with mainstream world views we should start reviewing power outputs of cars sold in this country and consider placing a large tax on cars that are deemeed excessive, that will allow undiciplined wastage of fossil fuels. and i think you will find 60kw to 150kw is plenty enough to get you around a city,it sure did in the 70,s, so whats changed now? why do we all need 195 or 225kws? the old reason is cause its there available to buy and be faster than the next person- well my hope is the new generation will see all the crap fuel guzzler cars out there today, se the good cars made with integrity and sense in mind and buy them, thats where i hope ford and holden will keep moving towards.
Colin Spencer | Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 10:46 AM
Rubbish, Furbo. You have just found out what a Thesaurus has inside it. Your message is garbled and all over the place. Nothing you say has any meaning. Hop on your bike, but don't bother with a helmet. With a bit of luck you might fall off.
boon | Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 5:27 PM
Thanks Colin ,Jonno, well said.
Lou Furbadamo | Wednesday, July 3, 2013, 9:35 AM
At the irresistible mounting pleasure of rattling and antagonising my persistent, nasty little drop kick critic, who’s not likely to add anything of merit to this important industry discussion. It needs to be, rub salt emphasised, that often there’s pretender, unpatriotic, brazen self interests to consider! With so many conflicting, foreign import, biased businesses & forces at devious pecuniary play, to distort the argument? No wonder Australia’s confused and clueless pollies are procrastinating or being suckered for more borrowed deficit handouts? Consequently, our down trodden, directionless, betrayed and seemingly dispensable manufacturing, is in such dire desperation and disappearing up it’s own spout, with accompanying record high unemployment. And why Ford Aust. can resignedly shut up Shop and Guru Shammers can plausibly, perilously condemn the remaining auto manufacturing without much shock or public protestation and even clueless dopey support? With potentially many alternate, dubious lobby “cover up replacement options” for frivolous grants and handouts money, post conventional Auto industry’s demise. It’s no wonder some are hostile and find my talk of sweeping tariff protection & proper sustaining support, sensitive & unpalatable? But for the good of the country, let’s flush them out and let the local job destroyers object, misrepresent and insult all they “F” bankrupt like, whilst they, instead of local industry and jobs start shrivelling and gurgling down the industry black hole back to China!. Because in the short to medium term, unless the dollar drops to around fourty cents US or less than half current value. Substantial tariffs will be required to halt the demise & proactively save what’s left of Australia’s non mining industry and jobs, from the far more competitive and better government supported foreign imports. So to industry “be-traders” and importers, I knowingly wouldn’t be popular and I’d have naturally, not just said too much, but in their conniving view, far too many of the seemingly “painfully wrong things”. Which, nevertheless are clearly pert right and what our industry now wisely needs to recover and regain lost momentum! Touchy, touchy affected, afflicted types may well be egged on to further hopeless, self embarrassment and uncontrolled, offensively loose spouting, fruitcake hostility. Clearly one critic, can't resist his nuts & raisins affinity ranting and pesky anti industry trolling? Remember that emotive Furbo Paradigm afflicted deniers, suffer from clouded judgement, biased vision and logic and agitated, dismissive demeanour. And therefore won’t accept negative facts and can’t make sense of “not so garbled messages”. With healing help and new insight recovery, they’ll hopefully one day, sincerely say something on subject, that’s correct, noteworthy and useful! But I won’t hold my breath nor “ride a bike to pass the time, with or without a trusty helmet,” as Col suggests. Because we all know there’s worryingly, far too many doped up or begrudging, out of control, dummy spit nut cases out there, who are likely to run you over, rather than pathetically, abysmally loose an argument? So, deservedly, for pro globalising importers and Asian Century Butt Wipe & Molesting Fondlers. Future Aussie governments, will eventually awaken and belatedly trash the miserably ill-conceived, failed Button Plan, and re-introduce wide spread Tariff Protection to protect local industry and employment and send importers, packing on their peddle or high fuel efficiency, foreign component trikes and battery powered gophers? Cheers for an Aussie Saving, High Tariffs are Coming Clever Country, Friendly Furbo! PS. To my peculiarly agitated!; “Give it away! Your supposedly far too “F” busy working, with no time to explain and waste, Loser!”
jonno | Friday, July 5, 2013, 11:31 AM
Furbo, I'm sure you have an important point of view, but it's somewhat lost amongst all the crap. Quite frankly, you write a lot and say very little. At least we agree on the quality of politicians and the knowledge that we need a healthy manufacturing industry. Maybe propping up these multi-nationals is not as effective as increasing R&D to develop more Cochlears and the like; real Aussie companies with great IP and selling to the world.
Colin Spencer | Friday, July 5, 2013, 11:40 AM
I have driven Holdens and Fords all over Australia since 1961 and it is amazing to see the improvements which come with each model change. Why people keep buying imported SUVs instead of Commodores and Falcons is a mystery to me. They are efficient, pleasant to drive and they go for years and years without falling to bits like most of the imported cars. The whole idea is to get from A to B quickly, do the business and get on to the next item of business. You don't do that by catching a train to the city once a day, and buses just don't go near your intended destination. Time is money. BTW, Furbo, how about adding up the $billions that GM has spent in Australia on development at GMH, making it into a world class outfit at the same time. The subsidy money is very small by comparison, and pales into insignificance compared with the total tax take from the production and sale of Aussie built cars. I hope Holden continue to grow. We need local production because as the $A drops to its true value against the $US, locally produced cars will be all we can afford, and we will have a huge advantage in our export competitiveness. The subsidies certainly do pay off.
boon | Friday, July 5, 2013, 11:53 AM
Furbo the fool, ur still sendging garbled messeges.polititians use your kind of turkey talk, hey you must be mr shammer or a supporter , trying to cover up your misguided and uneducated talk on the car industy and you think it should not be supported.it should be supported if they will make smart economical cars, but if any tax money is spent supprting 300kilo watt plus cars for our youth to lay black marks everywhere, noise pollute the evenings, gobble up valuable air resouce then i think the govt should reconsider. but im sure once holden and ford see the sense in discontinuing gass guzzler muscle cars the govbt might come around. u MR furbo need to go home to mummy and have some milk, this forum has no room for people to garble and dummy spit. pls tell me how many liters in a cubic kilometer? go work that out young son.
Lou Furbadamo | Sunday, July 7, 2013, 11:06 AM
Finally, Sparing Boom, Col & Bonno! You lot are fib, fibber, fibbing types, cause you keep on dopey biting, when you’ve supposedly, no “F” time to waste! So you can’t be all that “bullsheit” work busy, never mind overly productive, clever & successful? But “paradigm afflicted” find solace in their own kind? In triumphantly ending this epic. I wanted to say, I’d been honourably debating three opposing Valiant or Chevy, “mouseketeer” types. But your deteriorating, slap stick, offensive, poke in your eye nonsense, is far less chivalrous and more Three Stooges? “Ruff! Ruff! Nnneehhh”! Smack! “You fools, get on with it”, stuff? As there was four shambled stooges, you could accommodate aptly named “Guru Sham’ry”, as additional sham stick and add new slogan meaning to “Clever, Cleverer, Cleverest Country? Who knows, if you scrubbed up and carefully brought SUS, brittle minds together, in another wasteful, lefty orchestrated, useless luminary auto industry conference; You could combine problem solve and come up with a dubiously elusive, quarter of a good idea! On your pet what to do, when existing manufacturing is insanely entirely destroyed & gone? Cause you’re not really interested in protecting and improving it? Incredibly, even GMH isn’t fully locally committed & secured past 2017? We’ll have to morph our national motto from “Football, Meat Pies & Holden Cars”, to wok import sell out spruiker’s “Asia Ball, Stir-Fries and Clapp Wall Cars”? Sadly, detailed & intelligent argument achieves nothing with Furbo Paradigm blocked heads. Eventually, fruitless, insulting specimens wear out their appeal and flavour, like old chewing gums on the bedpost! But, you classic threesome nest & mimic so fennel well together, that I’m not one to spoil a tight threesome, even in parting! So Adieu! I’ll be thinking of your clueless, parasitic, damning, alternative future industry suggestions, when Ford finally closes it’s doors and sacks 1500 plus workers. And if & when abandoned Holden and Toyota, finally cease local manufacture too! No doubt, there’ll then be plenty of desperate, no hopper, clueless Gov. grants money and rogue participation openings, for doomed starting, premature alternate, rickety, small fuel efficient vehicle manufacturing. Which will also eventually pathetically fail! For the very incompetent, burdened, unsustained, uncompetitive fundamental “impossible shock” furbo reasons, current industry is disintegrating & failing! So Wake up Australia! & say “Hasta la vista to pecuniary Destroyers”! Totally Unimpressed, but Caring Furbo! PS. “Boom” before opening your mostest foolish trap and loosely calling others ”fools & garbled“! Re-read the dribble you write and consider mass improving your own troubled thoughts & spelling! So to avoid our exchanges, being a total waste. Let me practically help you, by surrogate pointing out & correcting faults, cause “Your Mummy” didn’t bother? Viz.; your “sendging” is correctly spelt sending! “messeges” is spelt messages! “polititians” is spelt politicians, pollies, Bastards or Mongrels! Turkeys don’t “garble”! How can Col hope to soar like an argumentative eagle, or have lecherous fun, when he’s flying with Turkeys, who “garble instead of wildly gobble“? “supprting” is supporting! They lay rubber, not black marks! You breathe, not gobble air! “resouce” is spelt resource! And you’re into conserving energy & resources?? “holden & ford” is “Holden & Ford”! “gass guzzler” is gas guzzler! “MR furbo”, for dimmers is MR. FURBO! “liters in a cubic kilometer?” I wouldn’t know, cause I don’t badly stuff up my spelling and units like you! How can idiots hope to fix the ailing “car industy”, when they can’t even twit spell “car industy, litres & kilometres”! So who’s foolishly garbling and dummy spitting now? Mull it over,numb nuts! The End! MMXIII.
Lou Furbadamo | Sunday, July 7, 2013, 12:32 PM
Wet Sunday Morning Greetings, Salutations and I my gods Chris! Let’s, please put it beyond doubt, on the second to last line “car industy, litres & kilometres”! is correctly spelt “car industry, litres & kilometres”, so please change it, or we won’t hear the petty end of it, from these boof heads! Many Thanks, Furbo!
Colin Spencer | Sunday, July 7, 2013, 12:47 PM
Furbo, with thousands of words, you have still not added a single intelligent remark to this blog. Few have learned to touch type in this day and age, so if I assume that you work with two fingers, you have wasted hours of your pathetic life proving that your intellectual input has no more meaning*** than a skid mark on the underpants of life.
Bruce | Sunday, July 7, 2013, 2:50 PM
Hi Colin, jonno, boon and others. Guys, you should look up the words "Furbo" and "Chatterbot" on Google. Extrapolation of the results should explain nonsensical adjectives and make it easier to comfortably ignore future trolling...
jonno | Monday, July 8, 2013, 3:13 PM
Furbo, you must be a closet comedian. Reading through your stuff is bloody funny :D
Colin Spencer | Monday, July 8, 2013, 6:03 PM
Ah, yes, Bruce. I see what you mean. Not unlike "that kid in the library wearing glasses" now you come to think of it.
Lou Furbadamo | Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 12:06 AM
Allo trolling Bruce! How’s your Dopey Tea Leaves readings? I thought I’d lost you down your “misanthropic” family tree weeks ago? But, talk about the pot calling this useful kettle black. I come home late, after a long productive day, and find you supposedly busy critic types, have been unimportantly wasting your time on further pitiful, childish comments and still without an iota of a clue on anything Auto constructive! In the mean time GMH Elizabeth, are fine tuning another 500 Plus redundancies and you clueless, fumbling Nero-Bruces insist on idiotically playing the petty insult lyre, while the Aussie Auto Industry Rome Burns? Silly, Silly Boys! Ah if only, you had any clue at all, that could possibly help avoid, or diminish the looming massive industry job losses! Otherwise, if your butt still hurts from last time’s reaming? Vengeance’s not the answer, friend! Instead rub lanolin on it or bare back ride some of your lovable farming sheep. Or, if your head hurts from being too light headed, rinse the little crap out & put some better grey IQ. stuff in? Importantly, you’re not afflicted by the Furbo Paradigm, because you require a subject thought and opinion first, before it can be diagnosed? I left you out of the last Turkey stint, because you’re a wishy washy, non threat, trolling non argument and struggle flying at the low rear of Col’s turkey flock. But the reason, I’ve broken my commitment to “END” debate on this one. Is to congratulate you for being, especially shock clever by trying to discover my thrust & drive motivation ! An unexpected furbo Bruce? Could you handle it, Bruce? What next? A Butch Pope? Because as incredibly unexpected as it seems. After nearly two years of commenting and hundreds of comments, Only YOU, have sought to discover the furbo Kryptonite, and dared to ask what the play on furbo verb association means! Congratulations, cause chatter box or not! It “Tongue & Cheek means a Cunning, Clever (Big ) Richard!” That’s looking to mostly straighten gullible, dopes out and raise the standard of discussion, to no avail with you! Right? Otherwise we should all be crying, with what’s economically happening? That’s why I couldn’t resist Boom’s turkey garble faux pas cock up! Cause, despite being slower and not flying so high, Bruce! You get the best prize! So never mind gabling, babbling, chirpy, chirp chattering or whinging! Happy Big Gobble, Gobble, Gobbling, Slow, Low Gobbler!!? PS. Despite wanting to know and asking! You Never did tell us which Bruce You were? ” The political Bruce or perhaps Classical or Hegelian philosophy Bruce or alternatively the Illogical Negative, Sheep Dip, Lanolin soft Bruce? Cause you’re definitely not smart enough to be a furbo Bruce! But, time saving fortunately. We don’t need to look up the meaning of you Bruce, do we? Cause, it stereo type, generally means common & unimaginative to say the least? Or perhaps, just a really slow learner??
Robin Mark | Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 9:54 AM
Must admit I normally skip the old Furbo. Mind you, the times I do actually read it, I find he can be quite amusing and ironic. Just a pity it is always so long! Anyway, what would the site be with the Furbo to stir the pot?
Ian | Friday, August 2, 2013, 4:14 PM
"What has the best value added return to the economy - exporting 1 tonne of dirt containing iron ore, or 1 tonne of processed steel? What in turn has the most value added - selling a tonne of processed steel, or selling a tonne of exported motor car?" In Australia we sell the tonne of dirt to buy back a tonne of imported motor car. How is that economic good sence? In addition surely it is better to have a factory worker earing a wage which the government can tax, than having that person on unemployment benefiets!
Geoff Thomas | Saturday, August 3, 2013, 8:32 AM
If dear decaying Detroit can come out with this why can't one of the Oz car manufacturers? Detroit Electric, which shipped its last electric car in 1939, will relaunch sales in August with an EV that accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds and hits a top speed of 155mph. http://www.designnews.com/author.asp?section_id=1366&doc_id=261927
Lou Furboadamo | Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 10:49 AM
Belated Hello Robin, Ian & Geoff T. This dandy long, unresolved vital topic, still upheavals & stirs emotional jobs urgency! Particularly given our newly confirmed, desperado economic and employment predictions! Pity, Robin, can’t go beyond my bated humour and cynicism and grasp my more meaningful arguments! Another flippant case of “Paradigm Australis”? Because contrary to presumed short expectation, this is a “massive problem”, incredibly continuing to damage our economy and the lively hood of tens of thousands of retrench-able workers. Properly discussed, it’s a complex issue, 30 years in bi-partisan Gov. making. Since we naively, let The Devious Button Plan, pathetically nobble & weaken Aust. manufacturing, in favour of imports and the resources industry! Defying strategic logic and pro Australia sentiment! Therefore, there is no room for pert frivolity! If one can’t cope with discussion or suffers information overload? They should keep comprehension short comings to themselves and not blame the messenger? Otherwise, best upgrade their personal grey, up top CPU, to a faster capacity? As regard to Ian’s comment! Very appropriate sentiments! But be warned not to be too logical & objective. Otherwise you may stir the ire of some, who seem to thrive on contrary, reverse modus operandi mentality! And be likely rebuffed for exuberant efforts & contribution! The bigger joke is that our overpaid politicians and unions, habitually do the exact opposite of high value adding local content suggested. And regardless, after billions already ineffectively blown on the industry. It hasn’t stopped Ford from announcing it’s pull out and GMH arguably declaring it’s extorsively worse Adelaide cards and hand. Whilst industry & dim academics pathetically postulate & squabble! Clearly the Raved China Century is not, so sustainable & bankable after all! No surprise! Because, even by their dubious estimates, unemployment is set to increase to nearly a million & our “exemplary deficits” to never, never balance? But it’s all conveniently, “Failure Unforseen” and not their dopey, all rotten eggs in one basket, China Capital Punishment fault? Their conning rhetoric, alternate jobs are just not there! So, they can only loser boast; Being Un-Cleverer, Spin, Hype, Waste, National Sell Out, Global Job Exporting, Deindustrialisation, Industry & Jobs Betrayal, Unemployment, Booming Social Security, Waste, Incompetence and Blooming Deficits. Consequently, it’s astounding, Ford’s closure is so readily accepted and that no one’s bothered to reverse pressure it’s dubious, short sighted strategy and convince them, tis better to streamline and longer term STAY!! And SAVE thousands of Aussie Jobs! Especially now our yoyo dollar has analysis dived! Given, our leaders, haven’t a clue nor conviction to achieve this “impossibility”? If they won’t undertake previously suggested Gov. restructuring & tariff protection. How about a selective, “Furbo Saving” Automotive Rebate Scheme of up to $10,000 for Aussie Cars (80% minimum local content)? The Buyer Rebate split; $7,000 for purchase of conventional cars, plus $1,000 for selecting special innovative, electric or fuel efficient vehicles. The remaining $2,000, to local content incentive assist, Auto companies, in lieu of ineffective grants! That’d give the connoisseur petrol heads, dipsticks & foreign wayfaring wood ducks, “Aussie Made Priority” re-incentive & spending energising! And, encourage back lost & perhaps new manufacturing? Cheers, Visionary Helpful, Concerned, Furbo! PS. Geoff electric cars are a great idea. But not a solution here, because the practical implementation time will be upwards of five years, and that won’t absorb the immediate tens of thousands jobs, trigger set to be lost!
Warwick | Thursday, August 8, 2013, 11:10 AM
Sharma carries the baggage of a professorship with that of an accountant & can be forgiven his ignorance of real-world conditions. As long as his ramblings are kept in the confines of academia we should be safe. While there are problems in our manufacturing industries, Australia has no advantage in a service economy. We are time zones away from culturally & linguistically compatible markets, and geographically isolated from all markets. In short, there are only 3 ways to make money - mine it, grow it or make it. All the rest(services) is merely shuffling money.
aaron | Thursday, August 8, 2013, 5:53 PM
Nope, i don't think so, It's time to occupy China market. The price there is doubled cause their car industry is young. Think about the huge market. I think you are smart enough to develop CN.
Colin Spencer | Thursday, August 8, 2013, 6:23 PM
Professor Sharma is quite correct in his summary of what car manufacturers need to do to continue manufacturing cars in Australia. Toyota and Holden have been doing exactly what the Prof suggests for some years. Sections of their cars are made using robotised production techniques off-site in most cases, and machines do the work with only a few thousand people required. In the past it took up to 24,000 workers to produce Holden cars. As technology advanced, plants in Homebush in NSW, Acacia Ridge in Qld, and Dandenong in Vic were closed and all production of vehicles was shifted to Elizabeth in Adelaide. This trend must advance quickly, and as our dollar gets back to it real value of just under 70c US, our exports of quality vehicles can increase. And it will. Particularly if and when the economies of our client countries get back onto their feet. To be competitive, labour costs need to be reasonable, and expensive socialist nonsense imposed on business by union thuggery has to be eliminated. Otherwise our plants will be moved to China, and that is for certain.
Warwick | Friday, August 9, 2013, 10:52 AM
Easy to blame unions or government, however the real blame lies with weak management. Good leaders engage with their workforce, and plan to improve productivity through process improvement. They develop products that meet market needs, and keep abreast of global best practice. Weak leader do none of these things, then blame the workers or government for problems they have created. These weaknesses are evident in Ford's management at all levels, and Sharma just perpetuates the myth that you can absolve management of blame for poor company performance by scapegoating unions & government.
jonno | Friday, August 9, 2013, 1:01 PM
Warwick, you have hit the nail on the head! If Ford or GMH want to have profitable businesses in Aus, they could easily have done so. We have the raw materials, the energy, well skilled workforce. Just lacking good management and interest from overseas-based multinationals that have no desire to see Aussie cars competing against their own US cars on the international market.
Lou Furboadamo | Thursday, August 15, 2013, 9:46 AM
Revise Edited: Incredibly, even with the potential ending of our Auto Industry, it’s unemployment spike & economic demise now in sight. There’s still clueless denial & conspiracy theorists, bent on further weakening our betrayed & struggling manufacturing sectors. Rather than arguably, the true culprit Gov’s and unions who’ve progressively errant spin, over sapped & frittered our international competitiveness! And now arguably waste billions on doomed Gov Grants. This warned demise, rising unemployment, welfare, deficits and failing economy. Is what happens when you’re local Pollie Snorter, hopelessly Asian Century Sukiyaki led and the mesmerising spin Music, suddenly Ends! In a not so Clever, plain Juliar or ruddy, monkishly enhanced GST austere, mystical Bunyip Run Country? How anyone, can then primarily accuse multi nationals, of being ignorant of “real-world conditions” to absolve our “Unions & Gov’s.” and absurdly blame, “weak industry management” for not “engaging… & planning to improve productivity through process improvement”? Is Aussie Denial Paradigm most blatant, of a wastefully duplicating & rorted, political three ring circus in the western world! Are companies also expected to provide union protected, “reeking suss workers”, with “undetectable dope & drugs” during tea & lunch breaks as well? Come! Come! It’s not Industry that’s made Australia the most over: regulated, superannuated, stoned, rorted condition benefiting, five day weekend, paid maternity leave, most expensive directs and indirect, labour, materials and overhead, industrially doomed country on earth? And then legislated to dismantle tariff protection from ensuing inefficiencies, via the monumentally destructive “Button Plan”? Nor been at the forefront of high dollar, “exemplary” globalisation, off-shoring and crippling “free trade” policies! Nor, advocated “different high tech, new kind of manufacturing,” based on the much embraced & fondled, “Drs. China Century Butt Wipe.”! Nor spent millions matchmaking to encourage local companies to cheaply survival re-locate overseas, to rid our “industry problems & support obligations”? Where’s “sustainable mining, ”Dr. La’Boom Boom” these days? Paradigm distraught & shell shocked? If you believe Warwick’s Gov. exonerating argument? Then, our uncompetitive, non level playing field, cheaper imports and higher relative manufacturing costs, at more than twice that of our competitors is a lie? And multinational companies, are maliciously choosing to sack thousands & loose billions, by pulling out of our perfectly good Gov. environment, to protect their US interests? Pity that most of our jobs are going to new factories & workers in “China”! Amazingly, for “Aussie cars to compete internationally”, they firstly need to be competitive? Not twice the price! Auto Companies, aren’t all “badly managed & bankrupt”! They’re merely ridding dead wood & relocating to more profitable, appreciative, less nonsense, efficient environments! Not trashing, exemplary profit making parts of their international business! It’s not their fault Oz. doesn’t care or can’t organise itself to be competitive? Rather than pathetic excuses! We should wisely be asking whether our Gov’s want us to play the fair game & succeeed? Or. Disillusioned, Paradigm low loaf around unemployed & destitute? Yes! We do have all the “raw materials, energy & skilled workforce”, even unions & duplicating Gov. Systems! But they’re wastefully far more expensive than competitor’s & world best practice! Hence our industrial & social mundane, doomed hype, demise & failures? Cheers, Never cease to be local Dopey Amazed, Furbo!
Geoff Thomas | Friday, February 28, 2014, 6:28 PM
Despite what we all said and argued, they are now all going, not because what we said was right or wrong, but because we now have a contractionary government. Is that, Furbo, what you wanted to achieve? If so, a phyric victory imho. Cheers, Geoff.