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Thermal Printer Cleaning Card | Waffletechnology®

Supplier: Jabac

Cleaning cards for thermal printers and card readers are a great, low cost investment for you business.

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Cleaning your machines can lead to prolonged equipment life, reduce maintenance fees, reduce down time and keep your customers smiling with fast, efficient transactions.

The concept behind Waffletechnology® is very simple: achieve complete access to critical components within the equipment. Because optical lenses are rounded and most sensors are recessed, access cannot be achieved through the use of flat cleaning cards. The solution is very simple, design a card that is not flat.

Waffletechnology® cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces.

These cleaning platforms are essentially spring-loaded, significantly increasing the pressure applied to the internal components as the card passes through the mechanism. Not only is cleaning pressure increased, but the platforms actually spring up into surface cavities to clean recessed sensors.

Additionally, the leading and trailing surfaces of rounded optical lenses are effectively cleaned. Flat cards do not touch recessed sensors and, at best, only come into contact with the convex tip of a rounded optical lens. As the card is accepted into the mechanism and as it is dispensed by the mechanism, it is cleaning all surfaces.

EZ screen wipes dual wet/dry solution wipes are also available.

These dual cleaning wipes were designed to clean safely any monitor, LCD screen, plasma screen, iPhone, iPad, laptop, PDA, etc.

It has one wet wipe for cleaning and a dry wipe to remove moisture and remaining residue. These wipes are very universal and take the guess work out of which item is safe for cleaning your monitor and other equipment. EZ screen wipes will not scratch or leave residue – antistatic property added.

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