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Things you need to know about auto-hoists and diagnostic scan tools

Supplier: Autohoist Australia By: Todd Webster
29 March, 2013

The vital things you need to know about auto hoists and diagnostic tools.

When you are considering whether to open or expand your mechanical workshop, there are essential pieces of equipment that are needed. There are plenty of things that you have to keep in mind before opening a workshop. These can be anything from simple lighting equipment to complex auto lifts. It is imperative to consider all the pros and cons of different tools before purchasing equipment for your workshop.

There are certain key aspects you need to look out for. These are:

AUTO-HOISTS - There are three different types of Autohoists, you can choose any kind of hoist suiting your needs. These are:

2 Post Auto hoist - It is one of the more basic and most widely used car lift. This type of auto lift has 4 extendable arms attached to the two posts fitted with hydraulic cylinders, which uses a hydraulic system based on Pascal's principle to lift a vehicle. This type of auto hoist is ideal for those who have a workshop, and do regular maintenance work on the vehicles. It takes up less floor space. This style of autohoists is reasonably well priced.

4 Post Auto hoist - Requires a larger floor space. This type of lift is a little more expensive, due to more componentry. It has a loading ramp for easy and quick vehicle placement. This is an ideal auto lift for those who like to store their vehicles for a longer period of time. Also used in tyre-fitting shops when fitted with optional jacking beams for quick removal of wheels and other service work. Also suitable for performing wheel alignments when fitted with slip plates and turntables.

Scissor Lift car hoist - This type of auto hoist comes in different styles. These are small mobile units and ramp style hoist. These are a good addition to a workshop and are commonly by tyre fitters. The ramp style type of lifts need a large amount of space and are more expensive as compared to a 2 post auto hoist. The ramps style scissor lift is also used when doing wheel alignments as there are no posts to interfere with the equipment.

DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOLS - These tools are very important because of their diagnostic and error reporting capabilities. The more advanced also feature programming capabilities. These are a must nowadays with the increased level of computer modules fitted to modern vehicles. The latest introductions in car diagnostic scanners are:

  • Autel MaxiDAS DS708
  • Autosnap GD860 OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool

These scan tools provide in depth analysis about the functioning of the car. They display live data allowing for detailed analysis.