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Think Greener & Replace your Timber with Plastic

Supplier: Dotmar Engineering Plastics
19 October, 2010

Opt for the green alternative and choose from a range of plastic products that can replace timber within any application.

Wood products such as marine ply, plywood and many others have been known to shrink, rot, warp, twist and swell when exposed to moisture and humidity. Moreover, timber colours darken with age when placed in direct/indirect sunlight and various wood products require ongoing maintenance to prolong their lifespan within various applications.

Thermoplastics on the other hand, outperform any wood or timber products in unique applications. Within a catamaran, as an example, ply and laminates where used for storage cabinets, instrument panels, bench tops and cladding but these products were heavy and continually absorbed water causing swelling, delamination and eventually breakage. Dotmar recommended the Nuvex Boatboard product which reduced weight, eliminated delamination and was water resistant.