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In the world of modern technology a solution written today is out of date tomorrow!

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Third Party

In the world of modern technology a solution written today is out of date tomorrow! To ensure this is not going to happen with the FPOS dispatcher system all clients receive updates electronically on a regular basis.

Not only do the updates contain improvements and enhancements but also changes that carriers make to Barcodes and Head-ports as well as consignment numbers and prefixes.

In fact, not a week goes by without a carrier changing something in their system that requires our clients to be upgraded to maintain compatibility.

Prompt support to changes and general assistance from the Help desk are two key factors in choosing your dispatcher supplier, besides the system features and of course cost.

System features should be compared by their practicality and ease of use and should be part on the BASIC SYSTEM not an extra cost.

FPOS has created a solution packed with features that carriers consider are part of the dispatcher function and not extras.

In fact a number of new features being upgraded to existing clients systems today are thoughts and ideas provided by our users.

In reality nobody has a better “feel” for the system and what would enhance it than the store person “at the coal-face” and the logistics manager requiring better tools to manage the business.

Our standard system features are detailed in the  brochure however may we suggest you request a demonstration to ensure the very latest features can be presented personally to you.

Our policy is to provide a dispatcher solution that complies with the carriers’ requirements. We provide the shipper with the latest management tool to control expenses and support customer service.

On this basis we also believe that there should be only one payment for this solution and that is from the shipper, by way of an annual licence / support fee. We do not believe anybody should be paying for downloads of data files or have to purchase any special stationery.

In most cases the stationery cost alone from other systems (excluding annual licence fees) will exceed the charge from FPOS for annual licence / support fee.

Please go to the More Information page and complete the cost sheet to determine your current costs or contact us and arrange for FPOS to demonstrate its features, ease of use and compare costs to your current method.