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This simple tip could boost your employees’ productivity by up to 12%

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
19 January, 2016

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So, how would you like to boost your employees’ productivity by 10 to 12 per cent? Sounds great, right?

Turns out, the answer for how to do it might actually be something within your reach, as economists at the University of Warwick have put forward new research and causal evidence suggesting that happiness (yes, happiness!) improves staff productivity in the region of 10 to 12 per cent.

Perhaps those workplace happiness boosters such as some positive feedback, casual Fridays, a pat on the back, an early mark to go home, or bring-a-dog-to-work day are more important than we’re giving them credit for! The same study also found that short-term productivity could be accelerated in the manner of 20 per cent by giving staff a little snack, such as a few pieces of fruit or chocolate.

Quips aside, numerous studies back up the research that happiness matters, and not just for productivity. Based on their research of 12,000 Australians, Randstad experts put ‘a pleasant work environment’ among the top 3 employment motivators, with only salary and job security out-ranking it.

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