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Tidal Boom 500mm (TIDAL500)

Supplier: Global Spill Control

A tidal boom (also known as beach boom) is designed to protect beaches, mudflats and shorelines from oil contamination and is ideal for high tidal movements or shallow waters.

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The tidal boom is made up of an air buoyancy chamber and two water ballast chambers. When the tide goes out, the boom sits upright on the exposed ground with the water chambers forming a barrier that prevents oil (carried by the tide) from passing under the boom and up onto the beach.

The boom lifts off the ground when the water depth reaches 30cm, with the air buoyancy chamber keeping the boom afloat.


  • Tidal boom is manufactured in 25 metre lengths.
  • When deflated, the tidal boom packs away into a relatively small space.
  • All tidal boom chambers are filled and emptied through 50mm Monsun valves located in each compartment.
  • Special extruded aluminium end connectors (ASTM) allow multiple sections to be joined together easily.
  • Our tidal boom accessory pack includes a portable air blower for inflating the air buoyancy chamber, a self-priming petrol driven pump for filling the water ballast chamber, plus a set of hoses and fittings.

Notes about oil containment booms:

Floating booms or impervious barriers that trap oil on the water’s surface are universally called oil containment booms. They are generally manufactured from PVC or urethane material and are able to withstand the harsh conditions and elements typically found at an oil spill. Oil containment booms typically consist of the following elements:

  • Freeboard – the part of the boom above the water’s surface. Designed to deflect or contain an oil spill.
  • Skirt – the impervious barrier below the water’s surface. Skirt depth varies according to boom type.
  • Ballast – located at the bottom of the skirt and keeps the boom upright in the water.
  • Connectors – allow multiple boom lengths to be joined together to form one long continuous barrier.

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