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TiePie HandyScope Series HS3 ( 5-10-25-50-100MHZ models) - PC Based measuring instrument

Supplier: R.T. Nollet

PC Based measuring instrument. (USB powered)

Price Guide: POA

Main Featues of TiePie HandyScope Series  HS3 ( 5-10-25-50-100MHZ models) - PC Based measuring instrument:

  • High sampling speed  up to 100MHZ samples/s
  • High bandwith  
  • Long record length   128K samples
  • 2 ch scope with 2MHZ Arbitrary Waveform generator
  • Plug in and Measure (Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer/Voltmeter)
  • High resolution up to 16 bit possible ( at reduced sampling rates)

High speed sampling 
Up to 100MHZ  per second on 2 channels.
Five different units available (5-10-25-50 and a 100MHZ)

Long record length of 128K samples  per channel

The onboard Arbitrary Waveform generator allows you to generate signals up to 2 MHZ,with amplitudes up to 0 > - + 12VDC peak. Great for testing digital circuits on a bench etc etc..

Sophisticated Multichannel software is provided with the unit and  free  updates are available always from the manufacturers website.

The HS3 series is really a ‘Plug in and Measure “  device.
The easy to use software and setting of a “Set measure File” is great for those reoccurring measurements. The input range of 0.2 up to 80Volts with the std probes 8..16 bit resolution and 128KB memory per channel make this instrument the best in its price range.
Many different measurements are simultaneously possible, for example  whilst looking at signals “Rise times left and right “ cursor set and cursor frequency etc  etc  are all possible.
The list is endless of what this device can do.

Please contact us for further details.