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TiePie SCOPE HS805 - PC Based Measuring Instrument

Supplier: R.T. Nollet

PC Based Measuring Instrument

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Main Features of TiePie SCOPE HS805 - PC Based Measuring Instrument:

  • High sampling speed  1 Gsamples/s
  • High Bandwith   250MHZ
  • Long record length   32M samples
  • 2 ch scope with 20MHZ Arbitrary Waveform generator
  • Plug in and Measure (Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer/Voltmeter)

High speed sampling 
1 Giga samples per second on one channel,500MHZ simultaneously on 2 channels.

Long record length of 32M samples ,this enables long measurements at high speed.

The onboard Arbitrary Waveform generator allows you to generate signals up to 20MHZ,with amplitudes up to 12VDC peak.

Sophisticated Multichannel software is provided with the unit  and free updates are available always from the manufacturers website.

Mathematical operations
Mathematical operations like adding , subtracting , multiplying, dividing,  integrating, differentiating are all available in the form of processing blocks.
Several other processing blocks like determining min..max ,averaging , filtering etc etc gives you unrivalled possibilities in constructing complex mathematical operations.

Streaming measurements straight  to hard disk possible also.
All math functions active also whilst streaming direct to HDD of PC

Because of its high speed sampling rate and long record length the HS805 lends itself perfectly to debugging serial communications like I2C,Profi-Bus and Can Bus signals.
The high speed captures the finer details, the long record length captures all the data.
The Arb function generator can regenerate the captured signal for possible replay at a different location for testing/analyzing …