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Time for some mailout marketing?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
23 July, 2015

Do you want to attached business cards or magnets to brochures and get the phone ringing? If you haven't done it already then it's time to start now.

At Get Packed we supply a range of glue dots and self adhesive clips that can assist with your mailout campaign. If you want to attached business cards or even magnets to your brochure and want to get that phone ringing then you can get a mailhouse or even printer to do the job for you.
Or you can do it yourself.

Glue dots are commonly used for this purpose and are available in a range of tacks from Low Tack (easily removable), Medium Tack (removable), High Tack (semi permanent) and Super High Tack (permanent). At Get Packed we often suggest that samples be trialled as the sticking properties of a glue dot are entirely dependent on the item they are attached to. What is the weight of the card or magnet? is it being attached to fibrous paper or shiny cardboard? All of these things affect which is the best choice for you.

Alternatively do you want to send out CD's or DVD's with images or a promotional video? Get Packed can supply self adhesive CD Clips or self adhesive Foam Disk dots for the purpose. CD Dots or disk dots are a cheaper alternative, where are CD self adhesive plastic clips are more sturdy and leave the product looking professional. Either way we can also supply samples for you to decide.

To view a video of CD Clips please click this link: CD Clips