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Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
25 May, 2018

Did you know the current laminates available on the market were originally developed for the rotary engraving industry using ABS?

This means other brands out there are offering you a rotary designed product modified for use on a laser. Basically ABS boils when you cut it with a laser leaving a sticky residue.

When Trotec decided to introduce its own range of laminates we went back to the drawing board to invent the world's first purpose made laminate for lasers. We looked at what the main issues were with the current prodcut and decided to see if they could be avoided. Using a revolutionary new formula (which is different to every other laminate) the new laser-specific TroLase was born.

TroLase will save you time and money: 

  • Cuts a lot faster
  • Engraves a lot faster
  • Cleans a lot faster
  • Reduces machine maitenance

We will prove it. Contact us for an onsite demo and you will receive a full sheet for FREE (you can even choose the colour).

Just imagine, your production team will complete jobs faster - how much more opportunity will this bring your business. Actually you don't need to imagine, TroLase will make this your reality.

Order today and save money tomorrow

Order your consumables through Trotec and you are ordering locally. With warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and more locations opening up shortly you are always able to get the product you need when you need it most!

Call 1300 TROTEC or contact us below and one of our friendly consumables team will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

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