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Time-Lapse Video Cassette Recorders - VCR480TL / VCR480TL-P

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The VCR480TL Time-Lapse Video Cassette Recorder is designed specifically for the needs of CCTV recording. The VCR offers ten time lapse modes up to 480 hours and three modes with audio.

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It also features a shot mode. Standard RS-232 control allows for remote control of the VCR from other control panels, including the AUR2K-KBD (through the V800-MIU-3A) and V1400XDVC- 3 System Console.

Normal screen displays include time, date and recording mode. Two display formats are available, and the display may be positioned in any location on the monitor screen. Two character sizes are available. Automatic recording cycles can be programmed for up to eight programs in one day.

If an alarm signal is received by the unit, it will switch automatically to the user-selected recording mode. Alarm recording may be set to take place in either the 2-, 12-, or 24-hour modes. There are seven automatic alarm recording periods, ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, or a tape end or duration of alarm signal.

Index signals are added automatically at the beginning of each alarm recording for fast, easy alarm search. A front panel LED indicates that an alarm input has been received. In addition to the alarm search functions, the VCR480TL offers an alarm recall list.

Shot recording permits a video “snapshot” to be taken. This can be done manually or automatically, and the number of fields per shot can be 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60. If automatic shot recording is selected, the interval between shots can be 10, 20, 30 seconds or 1, 2, 3 minutes.

If the 3 minute mode is selected with 1 field per shot, up to 21,600 hours of recording can be obtained on one T-120 cassette. Series recording is possible by connecting two VCR480TLs. When the end of the tape in one recorder is reached, the second recorder automatically begins recording. Special playback functions include speed search (forward and reverse), frame-by-frame search in forward and reverse, still-frame viewing, and reverse play.

Daily start and stop times can be set for one week. An enhanced timer program allows the setting of up to eight programs in one day. A rechargeable battery backup for the clock lasts up to 30 days.

Four tape-end functions include stop, rewind, re-record, and stop if alarm. Automatic tape stop shuts off the tape transport mechanism when the end of the tape is reached. The VCR may be programmed to activate a signal five minutes before the tape ends.

The tape may be set to rewind to the beginning and stop, or to rewind to the beginning and start recording again. An additional tape-end function will rewind the tape, and if no alarm has been recorded, the tape will be recorded over. If an alarm has been recorded, this function rewinds the tape and stops it, preserving the alarm video.

A lockout switch allows the operator controls on the VCR to be turned off, so that accidental or unauthorized changes in the settings cannot be made. The VCR480TL is UL listed and meets requirements for an FCC Class A device.

  • Ten recording modes up to 480H
  • 2, 12, 24H modes with recordable audio
  • Time/date search
  • More than 350 lines monochrome resolution
  • Automatic head cleaning
  • Easy on-screen programming

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