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Timing Belts - Polyurethane (PU)

Supplier: Brendma

Brendma are able to provide the market with a complete range of standard and customised Polyurethane timing belts in different sizes and styles.

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Timing Belts - Polyurethane (PU)

Brendma are able to provide the market with a complete range of standard and customised Polyurethane timing belts in different sizes and styles.


Brendma sell a comprehensive range of Polyurethane steel cord synchroflex truly endless timing belts.

All stock comes reinforced with a continuous helically wound high quality steel cable cord. All sleeves are in stock and come in 300mm widths, allowing Brendma to cut down any belt to any size at the customer’s request.

Delivery times are same day service in Sydney and overnight service for the rest of Australia. Brendma stock the following types:

  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T5 double sided
  • AT5
  • T10
  • T10 double sided
  • AT10
  • XL
  • L
  • H

UNIFLEX BELTS – truly endless belts at any length

Uniflex belts are urethane truly endless (without a joint) timing belts constructed with either steel or kevlar cord at any non standard length.

Brendma’s Uniflex belts are ideal for situations where high stress and load demand exceed the performance capacity of spliced belts.

The helically wound tension cords provide ideal performance in continuous operation where speeds are at a premium (up to 10,000 rpm).

Any length can be supplied up to 13,000mm long, and can be designed to special requests eg. Nylon fabric on toothed side (PAZ) or special backings such as Linatex or neoprene rubber on product side (just to name a few).

Please call one of our branches for further information.


Ideal for linear drive and indexing applications, Brendma’s urethane open end belts are available in a variety of sizes, pitches and colours to meet all specifications.

Belt styles include steel or Kevlar reinforcement, as well as high load (HP) and high flexibility (HPF).

All rolls of belting are stocked at 100m long and can come standard or with special constructions eg. Nylon fabric on the teeth (PAZ).

All of Brendma’s open end timing belts can be factory joined together with our state of the art equipment at any length desired.

Brendma stock the following open end belts:

  • T5
  • T5 PAZ
  • AT5
  • T10
  • T10 PAZ
  • T10 KEVLAR
  • T10 with 10MM Tracking Centre 
  • AT10
  • AT10 PAZ
  • ATL10
  • T20
  • AT20
  • ATL20
  • 5M
  • 8M
  • 14M
  • XL
  • H
  • L
  • Othe Sizes are available upon request


Brendma are able to customise any timing belt supplied with any specification. We have all the materials and equipment to allow for all customisation to be completed in house at our Sydney branch. These services include:

Coating materials

Brendma stock and supply many different coatings for the transport side of the belt including Linatex, Neoprene, PU sponge, PVC (food grade and non food grade), supergrip and silicone just to name a few.


All size perforations can be performed in any shape or design either in the base belt or on custom cleats.


For any purpose, cleats can be attached on our range of stock. We are able to provide different thicknesses, shapes and heights depending on your situation. These cleats can be fused or countersunk onto the belt.

Tracking guides

Brendma are able to precision grind the tooth side of the belt to fit any size tracking guide needed from 6mm up to 22mm. Some of our stock belts come already with tracking guides moulded onto the belt.

Tooth grinding

Any type of tooth removal or precision grinding is possible upon request.

For any customised timing belt product, please feel free to discuss your requirements to Brendma staff and we will deal with your inquiry immediately.

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