Tips for selecting a cable puller

Supplier: Specialised Force
29 September, 2015

When selecting a cable puller there are several things to consider to make the pull faster, safer and easier.

Safety features that are standard with the new UT10 from Greenlee are: a right angle sheave and an integrated removable foot switch control, which allows the operator to stand out of the direct line of the pull; a rope guide and tapered capstan, which prevent rope overlap; LED light indicating force gauge that has an audible overload alarm and circuit breaker to protect the electronics.

Be sure to plan your pull well in advance, ensuring the winch and accessories (rope, swivels, socks, etc) meet or exceed that of the pull force required.

Capstan drum winches require double braided high force composite rope. Polypropylene ropes should never be used on a capstan as they do not grip on the smooth surface. If used it can cause slippage and subsequently heat damage to the rope. The same applies for Dyneema® ropes they can only be used with a double braided cover.

The cable puller must overcome two types of resistance, gravity and friction. To exert more force more rope wraps are required around the capstan. The product of the force moving through a distance is energy. Energy is stored in the rope like a rubber band, which is why the rope speci"ed above stores less energy. To decrease the amount of friction use Greenlee pulling gels when pulling through conduits.

Overview & Safety

Mount your winch as instructed in the operation manuals, several options exist for the UT10 such as #oor mount, pole or chain mount and wheeled carriage.

Never use a puller in a combustible environment, without factory guarding or as a hoist. Failure to read, understand and follow instructions as depicted in manuals, on-product warnings and instructions can result in serious injury.

Greenlee products are supported with detailed product videos and online training, visi t

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