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Tips on switching to computerised maintenance management systems

Supplier: Techs4biz - Pervidi
19 September, 2012

As computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) become increasingly popular and paper-based systems are discarded, here are some tips and advice that business owners should consider before they switch to a new CMMS.

When the right computerised maintenance management systems for the job are selected, they can simplify and enhance the efficiency of many processes, including data collection, asset management, work orders, safety inspections, equipment tracking and facility management. It is no surprise then, that companies in the medicine, construction and mining industries in particular have adopted them.

These systems help companies meet regulatory standards, track and maintain expensive equipment and prevent liability. Service providers, manufacturers and property management firms use computerised maintenance management systems to improve dispatch, asset tracking, customer service and operations. 

While many companies do indeed benefit from the use of computerised maintenance management systems, at the same time many have been less satisfied with them. Techs4Biz offer advice to businesses looking to purchase a CMMS. 

Know what it is that you need and communicate it: ask yourself what area of your businesses you would like to improve or what problem you would like to solve by using a CMMS. This will help ensure you receive a CMMS that suits your needs. 

Don't opt for the cheapest option: most CMMSs that have a lower price point do not work as well. They have poor customer service, limited implementation options and are not customizable to specific needs. 

Train your employees: to prevent the occurence of costly and time consuming mistakes, train your employees so they can comfortably use the CMMS.

Features to look for when purchasing a CMMS:  

  • In-house implementations and/or software as a service (SaaS) solutions 
  • The ability to be customised to suit your needs 
  • Purchase from a company that is continuously growing and evolving – this will ensure your CMMS continues to upgrade and improve. 
  • Technologically advanced, yet simple and easy to use