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Opengear designs and manufactures next-generation console server, M2M device server, power management and KVM over IP solutions.

We are Australia’s leading developer of communications and management hardware for computing, data network, telecommunications and industrial applications.

Our console server platforms give network managers and system integrators the most flexible, extensible solutions on the market today. These solutions can manage the applications, computers, routers, service processors, power infrastructure, USB peripherals, environmental monitors and all the other intelligence in your distributed networks. The console servers provide virtual hands to monitor, access and control networked equipment in branch offices, data centres and remote sites.

In the industrial and M2M environments Opengear has an extensive line of device servers for enabling secure RS232, RS485, RS422 serial communications over Ethernet, GSM, 3G, NextG and 802.11 Wireless and for remotely managing network nad USB connected devices. We can inteface with SCADA and other custom protocols and our platforms can easily be customized to meet your particular needs.

Opengear has a team of world class engineers and systems programmers in our Brisbane R&D head office. Our products are all designed in Australia and sold worldwide - and they are now installed in more than 10,000 locations.

Our local customers include the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade who deploy Opengear console servers in every Australian embassy, consulate and High Commission worldwide. Our console servers enable secure management of their distributed routers, switches, PBXs and communications connections from a remote central site.

So next time you are looking to monitor or remotely control your distributed computer, communications or industrial infrastructure please give us a call.

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Opengear console server solutions deliver secure remote access and control of network devices such as routers, switches, servers, firewalls, uninterruptable power supplies, power distribution units, environmental monitoring equipment and other serial or network connected devices.

We provide network managers with the virtual hands to access computing and networking equipment in remote offices and data centers all over the world. We also provide affordable configurable device servers which will monitor the equipment at remote sites and automatically send status and alerts. Equipment can be remotely re-configured, rebooted and power cycled.

Opengear's extensive support for out-of-band management solutions ensures our customer access and control even when the main network is down. The result is a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical staff, on-site visits and an accompanying acceleration to problem resolution and critical network availability.

Free custom development kits (CDK) available for all the Opengear products. Using the CDK you can generate custom firmware images without certain programs or with new custom programs included; or with unique configuration files or custom defaults in the firmware image.

However you may require more extensive customization. So Opengear also offers OEM and custom product development services to provide customers with custom branded and custom designed secure gateway and management appliances. We provide a timely and competitive option to enterprises looking for quality, high-performance and reliable management appliances that meet their custom needs.

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