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Tool Steels

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Corodur® WZ 59 DIN 8555: MF 4-55-ST DIN EN 14700: T Fe 4-55-ST The wear and heat resistant deposit of this flux-cored wire electrode in high speed steel quality is suitable for repair and manufacture of hot and cold working tools, stamps and counter dies. etc. The weld deposit can bei heat treated and has a retention of hardness up to 550 °C.

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Tool Steels

Corodur® WZ 50
DIN 8555: MF 3-50-ST       
DIN EN 14700: T Fe 3-50-ST

This C-, Cr-, V-, W- alloyed flux-cored wire electrode is suitable for repair and build - up applications on hot working steels of similar or lower alloyed hot working tools. The weld deposit is machinable, heat treatments are possible and retains hardness up to 550° C.

Corodur® WZ 55
DIN 8555: MF 3-55-STW       
DIN EN 14700: T Fe 3-55-STW

WZ 55 is a tungsten- and cobalt-alloyed, hot hardening tool steel. The deposit is crack free and can be machined. Heat treatment at 550° C for 3 hours shows a hardness increase to 56-58 HRc. Applications are press and drawing dies.

Corodur® WZ 57
DIN 8555: MF 4-55-STW       
DIN EN 14700: T Fe 4-60-ST

High alloyed Cr, Co, W, Mo flux cored wire with highest heat treatment retentivity. Hot-hardening to approx. 58 HRc. High resistance against heat wear (warm pressure extrusion, plodders for copper and copper alloys and metal melts, pattern plates for die cast metal, molds and props for steel industry).