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Top FAQs about installing a weighbridge

Supplier: AccuWeigh
19 October, 2015

Ensuring you choose the right type of weighbridge and are confident about the installation process can be easier said than done. AccuWeigh has compiled a list of questions which are frequently asked when it comes to deciding on and installing weighbridges for their customers.

How Do I Choose The Right Weighbridge?

With so many different types of weighbridge available today it can be difficult to know you are choosing the one that best suits your business requirements. From axle weighbridges to pit weighbridges, single deck weighbridges to twin deck and even multi-deck weighbridges, the possibilities can be seemingly endless. The type of weighbridge you need will vary massively according to what your objectives are and the best way to determine the right weighbridge for your application is to speak to a weighbridge expert such as AccuWeigh, who has a professional team of knowledgeable consultants who can help you find the ideal weighbridge for your business.

Does It Need Be Installed On A Level Surface?

The short answer to this is no. Many people still believe that all weighbridges need to be installed on level ground, but there are instances where this is not possible due to the design and layout of the property and any existing buildings. In this case, a weighbridge can be installed on an incline, as long as equal force is maintained along the incline.

Do I Need An Automated Weighbridge?

Again, this will depend on your business needs, but more often than not, customers find that having an automated weighbridge saves not only time but money as well. Being able to operate a weighbridge as a driver means not having to leave your vehicle while conducting a weight check of your truck. It also means that the operating hours of the weighbridge can be extended beyond the usual working hours as they can be operated by drivers as and when required, as opposed to when there is someone available to operate the weighbridge for the driver.

How Do I Keep The Weighbridge Clean?

Weighbridges are used by trucks, often dirty trucks, so keeping them clean can be a challenge for many. A great and easy way to keep your weighbridge clean is to install a wheel wash system before the entrance to the weighbridge. This allows you to wash the wheels of the trucks and remove any mud and dirt before the truck enters the weighbridge. However, if the wheel wash is placed too close to the weighbridge, excess water from the wheel wash may cause the weighbridge to rust so make sure there is a sufficient distance between the two.

If you have any more questions about choosing and installing a weighbridge for your business, speak to the experts at AccuWeigh who can help you choose the right weighbridge for your application.