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15 May, 2019

This week: Manufacturing Hall of Fame award winners - Smart camera system stamping out manufacturing defects - Virtual reality, not just for games - and more.

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Manufacturing Hall of Fame award winners

The Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame recognises outstanding businesses and individuals in the manufacturing industry. Last night, during National Manufacturing Week, the 2019 winners were announced. -


NMW and Austech chart a revival in Australian machine tool manufacturing

No country can hope to have a sustainable manufacturing sector without the ability to make its own industrial machines, and Australia is no exception. -


ACE EV to sign agreement to build electric vehicles in Adelaide starting in 2020

Electric vans, utes and eventually cars will be assembled in Adelaide from next year, with start-up company ACE EV to sign an agreement with an Adelaide-based business. -


Former Apple engineers create a smart camera system to stamp out manufacturing defects in gadgets

Before they launch a high-profile gadget, consumer electronics companies usually fly armies of engineers to China, where they spend weeks in remote factories hammering out manufacturing problems that can turn hot new electronics into a hot mess. -


Ford using automonous robot to deliver spare parts in factory

It’s The Rise Of The Machines As Ford Reveals Its Spare-Part-Delivery Robot Known As ‘Survival’ Which It Hopes To Roll Out At Other Factories In Its Network. -


Virtual Reality Isn’t Just for Games

Virtual reality (VR) has made a dent in gaming, but its real value is in commercial and industrial environments. Improved graphics, lighter-weight goggles, and better software along with lower costs will make VR solutions ubiquitous across many arenas. -


The 3 Breakthroughs Additive Manufacturing Needs Most

Additive manufacturing’s potential benefits has exploded while costs have dropped, leading to breakthroughs like fabricated organs and prosthetics and the proliferation of 3D printers in K-12 classrooms around the world. -


This all-terrain, driverless Lego construction vehicle could be our future

The Volvo Rottweiler is an autonomous construction vehicle that can work in rough terrain. It's equipped with a 3D printer that creates the materials it uses to construct buildings. And it's made of Lego bricks. -


What’s Ahead for Manufacturing AI

A new generation of point artificial intelligence solutions will prove themselves in the near future. They’ll build new trust, urgency and understanding of what ‘AI’ actually is and just how much it can deliver. -


Challenge Your People: Transform Your Organization Into An Innovative Idea Factory

Innovation: to say it’s a buzzword might be putting it a little too lightly. Today, it’s everywhere and what nearly every company craves. That’s not to say it’s not for good reason; innovation is what inoculates you from disruption. -


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