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Topp Clip for Pallet Load Security

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The most difficult task faced today by shippers is to provide security for pallet loads of small boxes. In transit theft of products on pallets provides great cover for thieves and is rarely discovered until after delivery.

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Normal pallets are typically either strapped with generic plastic or steel banding or wrapped in plastics as well as combinations of both. Standard locking bands are traditionally secured with traditional locking clips, which are easily opened or wriggled off. Flipping a standard clip over and using a screwdriver allows a thief to easily and covertly open these clips.

Once the banding is free, the pallet is able to be entered, boxes removed from the centre or filled with sand and then easily re-closed covertly. Because there is no template for inspection banding, stretch or shrink films and standard packing materials can be easily replaced or repaired without the end user knowing until too late.

The theft and breach of security typically remains undetected until long after they have taken possession of the consignment.

Switched On I & T Services offers the most cost effective and reliable solution to this issue. We call it TOPP CLIP. The TOPP CLIP is a sequentially numbered four-prong device that seals and secures the plastic or steel banding on the pallet while identifying the pallet with a unique number. The TOPP SEAL binds the generic straps to one another making them indigenous to the pallet. Finally a super seal is used to record both numbers, thereby providing the inspection template for examination upon delivery.

The TOPP CLIP is used in concert with our Secure TRAC tape. By packing the pallet with the plastic strapping on the extreme outside of the stretch film and by using Secure TRAC to wrap the bands around the outside of the pallet, entry or theft of the contents is almost impossible.

Many companies and organisations are using this system and we have yet to hear of a breach! If the system is used appropriately and correctly you can rest assured that your product will arrive intact.

By identifying the generic straps and the load, you deter theft of your goods. Thieves will always go for easier targets of opportunity. By not allowing the straps to be wriggled off or replaced limits the opportunities for theft.

TOPP CLIPS are ideal for use with air conditioners, pallets, crates, archives and almost any application using banding on the enclosure.

The TOPP CLIP works with existing banding tools.

By providing the opportunity to discover in-transit theft, your cargo is safe and secure while out of your control. TOPP CLIPS also provide storage security for goods in your warehouses.

This pays big dividends by not having to inventory individual boxes on pallets as you have a audit trail as to what is there and that nothing has been removed or disturbed.

TOPP CLIPS provide confidence, identity and security at an extremely low cost.

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