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Totalizing Counters:

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Electronic, Mechanical & Electric Totalizing Counters: - Sums the "total" number of digital signals applied to its input. Signals may originate from encoders, photo-electrics or other sensors. Many applications require only additive counting, but we also offer electronic totalizers with bidirectional (add and subtract) capability for specialized application.

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C628 AWESOME Display Totalizer
A103 Totalizing Counter
C342 Totalizing Counter
MITE Series 7999 Totalizer
MicroMITE Totalizers
MAXjr Count 1 Totalizer/Position Indicator
Series 7990 Counter/Tachometer/Timer
Series 7998 Mini-LX Self-Powered
Series 7997 General Purpose, LX Self-Powered
Series 7995 General Purpose
DX100 Time/Count Totalizer


Counts mechanical actuations: revolutions, strokes, etc.  May be used to count machine cycles, or to indicate physical position.  When used with accessory measuring wheel, linear measurement of feet, meters or yards can be registered. 

Series 1490 Vary Tally
Series 7623 Hand Tally
Series 7458-7461, Small Square Case
Series 7268 High Speed, Nonreset
Series 7272, 7287 Small, Resettable, Ratchet or Revolution Drive

Series 1259, 1261, 1262 General Purpose
Series 7030 Pneumatic General Purpose
Series 7428, 7430 Medium-Size
Series 1133, 1134 High-Speed Resettable
Series 1667, 1669 Visicounter
Series 7298 High-Speed, Quick Reset
Series 1129 Large-Figure
Series 1953 Linear Measuring Visicounter - LM
Series 7434 Linear Measuring, Worm Drive
Measuring Wheels for Mechanical Counters


Counts the number of electric impulses applied.  Available in a wide range of AC & Dc models.  Counts may originate from switch-contacts, photo-electrics or other sources . Available with or without a reset to zero function. 

Series 1205 General Purpose .
Series 7443 General Purpose .
Series 7790, 7791 Miniature Low-Cost
Series 7437, 7438 Low-Cost Nonreset, Reset

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