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Towing Bridle

Supplier: Global Spill Control

Towing bridles are designed to hold an oil containment boom vertical in the water when under tow.

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  • Towing bridles can be used in conjunction with all Global oil containment booms from 0.3m to 1.2m (height)
  • Towing bridle includes polyethylene float.
  • Quick release, extruded aluminium ASTM connector with safety toggle pin.
  • Various towing bridle options available to suit a range of budgets and requirements.
  • Global towing bridles are designed to AMSA specification

Australian Made and Owned

Notes about oil containment booms:

Floating booms or impervious barriers that trap oil on the water’s surface are universally called oil containment booms. They are generally manufactured from PVC or urethane material and are able to withstand the harsh conditions and elements typically found at an oil spill. Oil containment booms typically consist of the following elements:

  • Freeboard – the part of the boom above the water’s surface. Designed to deflect or contain an oil spill.
  • Skirt – the impervious barrier below the water’s surface. Skirt depth varies according to boom type.
  • Ballast – located at the bottom of the skirt and keeps the boom upright in the water.
  • Connectors – allow multiple boom lengths to be joined together to form one long continuous barrier.

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