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Tracking recycled waste by volume - not by weight

Supplier: Ultrahawke
09 February, 2010

The Shire of Yarra Ranges needed a solution for their remote Transfer Stations, where they accept waste materials into sites that are lacking weighing and computer facilities.

At this request from one of his loyal weighbridge customers, Ultrahawke's senior sales consultant, Michael Guillot, engaged the mighty resources of Ultrahawk's engineering deptartment who readily accepted the challenge and quickly devised a solution using an industrial Hand Held PC programmed with Ultrahawke's own Waste Management software.

The Transfer Station operator will be supplied with a Hand Held unit and small thermal printer, attached to a utility belt. The operator will be able to record the vehicle registration, mode of transport (boot load, trailer etc) and the product being deposited. A ticket will then be produced with these details and the price the customer is to pay based on volume.

At the ned of the day, the Hand Held unit is returned to the shire office and connected to a docking station where all stored data will be transferred to a standard PC for processing as required.

The introduction of these Hand Held PC’s at the Shire of Yarra Ranges will eliminate the need for time consuming re-entering of data into the Shire’s accounting system and will also take away the instances of transposition errors that can occur with such a process.

Once the product trials are completed, this product will then be released for general purpose industrial applications that also have a similar need.

Source: Gary Bryant, National Marketing Manager.