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Tracking timber through the supply chain: Pt 2

Supplier: Matthews Australasia By: Trent Munro
19 August, 2014

Jam, shampoo, yoghurt, pet food. Just a few of the products tracked through the supply chain.

But what about timber? Of course, some timber products are already coded when they're processed in the mill, but what about going right back to the forest?

What about barcoding forests? Before you think it sounds far fetched, it's already being done in some parts of the world.

But why does tracking timber even matter?

The World Bank estimates global illegal logging is worth $10-$15 billion annually. It's not a small problem, but it could be easy to think three things:

  1. It's going to happen anyway, let's just live with it.
  2. We're too far away in Australia (or any other developed nation) for it to matter to us.
  3. It doesn't affect us.

In my opinion, the first two are wrong — and many others think the same — while the third is plainly wrong, with plenty of evidence to boot.

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