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Traction Batteries - Trojan 250 Ahr 2 x 6V (T105)

Supplier: Rainbow Power Company

One of the most successful traction batteries available.

Price Guide: POA

A lot of other companies copy this battery, beware of cheaper imitations.

  • Volts 6 x 2
  • Amp 20Hr D/R 225 AH
  • Amp 100Hr D/R 250 AH

Lifecycles: 754 to 80% discharge; 1825 to 25% discharge

Dimensions of each battery is L 264 x W 181 x H 284 mm

The price shown is for a 12 volt set weighing a total of 57 kg

Battery Connecting Straps such as BAX-304 are required to join the batteries together.
One connecting strap is needed for a 12 volt pair or three for a 24 volt set

  1. The successful development of a corrosion resistant grid alloy and a cohesive lead oxide compound has resulted in long lasting positive and negative plates operated under deep cycle conditions.
  2. The plates are insulated with micro-porous rubber separators and fibreglass retainer mats. The rubber separators are noted for their pore size and high resistance to the destructive effects of battery acid.
    Other separators with large pore size accumulate lead oxide in their pores which lowers battery efficiency and often leads to premature break-down. The electrical resistance of the rubber separators is extremely low.
  3. The battery elements stand on ample support ribs moulded into the bottom of the container where discharged material is safely held during the life of the battery.
  4. Unlike most plastic batteries, the lids on Trojan units are not heat sealed. The lids are made to fit down onto the containers to a depth of 11 mm and are sealed with Epoxy Resin. The seal is very effective and adds strength to the assembly.
  5. The vent openings in the lid are sealed with a onepiece flame retardant gang vent plug.
    The single push-in unit simplifies inspection of the acid levels and is a big time saver.
  6. Rugged stud type terminals allow for quick and simple battery connections.

Weight: 57.00000 Kilograms
Warranty: 12 mths