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Traditional structural simulations limited – until now

Supplier: EDGE plm software By: Rochelle Bevis
07 July, 2014

Design engineers, product designers and architects face the daily struggle of time and ease when trying to measure the efficiency and structure of their concepts. solidThinking Inspire changes this.

In theory, optimisation involves stripping a form down to a reasonable structure so that it meets fundamental performance requirements, such as function, mechanical and thermal. Theoretically, this exercise can be done without restriction, but problems arise when using software systems to support this process.

In the process of assessing optimisation, traditional structural simulations allow engineers to check if a design will support the required loads. They don't however; generate a new material layout within a package space using these loads as an input. As a result, time and effort is spent recreating new layouts from scratch; increasing costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

So, what if the user wants to explore a mechanical design problem with more freedom and flexibility than that offered using typical software simulation methods?

solidThinking Inspire software solution provides a simulation process that will solve material layout options according to the required loading conditions, as well as finding areas where material can be removed from the underlying mesh. In order to keep company profits at an all-time low and company productivity at an all-time high, this product provides alternative but necessary tools to allow designers to explore strategies differently.

Although traditional parametric optimisation offers potential, for those looking for radical changes to existing products or assistance solving their engineering issues, solidThinking Inspire is the answer. This product is an implementation of technology, which is standalone and does not exist anywhere else. 

This product allows you to reduce development time, material consumption, and product weight by designing faster, smarter, and lighter

EDGE plm software is Australia and New Zealand's supplier of solidThinking Inspire. EDGE plm software is a specialised provider of PLM solutions for Australian and New Zealand companies. Their portfolio of products and services have been selected carefully to ensure maximum results for our customer's needs. EDGE plm Software was founded in Melbourne in 2003.

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