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Traffiglove - Safety in Colours

Supplier: Applied Safety By: Romero Torres
17 May, 2010

Traffiglove is the world’s most innovative colour coded glove. Designed to protect hands by understanding the significance of a 3 colour Safety System

The TRAFFIGLOVE® range uses colour as the solution to clearly identify the Cut Protection Level provided by each glove meets, as shown below.

- RED GLOVES CUT LEVEL 1 Lower Cut Risk Tasks;
- AMBER GLOVES CUT LEVEL 3 Medium Cut Risk Tasks;
- GREEN GLOVES CUT LEVEL 5 Higher Cut Risk Tasks.

The TRAFFIGLOVE® range offers maximum abrasion levels in all 3 glove colours.

We believe that TRAFFIGLOVE® enables Safety Managers to implement and control their Companies’ glove policy. They can instantly recognize – from a distance – if the workforce is adequately protected against Cut for the task being accomplished.

For example, it is not recommended that glass or sharp metal is handled using RED Cut Level 1 gloves. Easy identification will enable management to upgrade the protection level to the Green Cut 5 gloves.

The TRAFFIGLOVE® concept is so simple because it overcomes language barriers and provides the wearer with assurance of using an appropriate product. Simple training programs are readily available to assist in the implementation of a TRAFFIGLOVE® policy.

The compact TRAFFIGLOVE® range offers excellent options for most industry types. With various new coatings for improved grips, dexterity and comfort levels, we are confident that we can help you to meet your hand protection requirements.

To find out more contact our customer service department on 1300 853 445 or email sales@appliedsafety.net.au.