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Transient Earth Clamp | Novaris

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Novaris Transient Earth Clamps provide a means to electrically clamp different earthing systems during disturbances.

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In many communications and computer installations, separate earthing systems are specified. There may be regulatory reasons for this, it may be necessary to minimise noise, or for security reasons in defence installations.

Under these conditions differences in earth potential are a major cause of equipment malfunction and damage.

Features of the Novaris Transient Earth Clamp:

  • Transient earthing products find application in computer room installations where signal ground and power ground must be separate; in process control where instrumentation ground and power ground are different; in communications systems where the telephone earth is separate from to the power earth; in defence installations where a separate secure "quiet" earth is required.
  • Insulated joints on gas pipelines can be protected from flashover by the installation of transient earthing products.
  • Under normal conditions the arrester appears as an open circuit with minimal capacitance so the two earthing systems are truly separate. Should a difference in potential exist between the two earthing systems, the arrester will fire, conduct current and effectively clamp the two earthing systems together.
  • After the impulse, the arrester will reset and return to its open circuit state. Lifetimes of 10,000 operations are possible if surge ratings are not exceeded.

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