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Translogix - Mobile Communication

Supplier: Translogix Systems

TransLogix offers a complete two-way wireless despatch and tracking solution. Combining state of the art mobile hardware that has been specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the transport and logistics environment with the latest in mobile telecommunications technology, TransLogix provides any number of concurrent users with a real-time view of field operations with easy report generation.

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Mobile Communication
TransLogix Mobile is a must have for any business with delivery operations. It provides distributors with real time communications to and from drivers and gives office users a view of field operations as they unfold.

  • Integrated Solution  
    TransLogix Mobile information collected in the field or in the warehouse can be immediately downloaded and incorporated into the Sapphire system and then deployed to a number of different job functions according to specified criteria. TransLogix Sapphire can readily support a number of platforms or multi modal locations if required.
  • SMS Messaging 
    Messages can be sent from within the Sapphire system via an Internet connection to almost any mobile phone on the GSM/CDMA network.
    • Replies can be sent back through the same connections to Sapphire. Up to 160 characters can be sent out in a single message to up to 30 people at one time.
    • Job details can be sent directly to drivers using SMS. Once drivers complete a job a trip status can be updated in real time simply by entering a single character.

  • Mobile Handheld Computing 
    • Electronic run sheets can be made directly available to drivers when they log onto Sapphire using a mobile handheld computer, connected to the internet, via a mobile network. 
    • As new jobs come in, and are allocated to a driver using Sapphire, the driver’s run sheet is automatically updated in real time. 
    • The driver can update the status of each job from when the job is started, to when the job is collected and delivered. Even if the driver is out range of the mobile network, the handheld stores all of the jobs from the last connection and updates occur when the network is back in range again.
    • Once the job has been delivered, the driver can get a POD signed on the handheld computer (Sign on glass). The job status, POD status and signature are automatically sent back to Sapphire, where they can be easily accessed by customer service staff or made directly to customers via customer specific web access. 
  • Key Benefits 
    •  TransLogix Mobile can anticipate potential delays in delivery service and provide up to the minute ETA’s for customers. 
    • Sapphire Mobile can also enable you to respond to short or damaged deliveries faster and reroute drivers on the fly to meet service needs. 
    • The extra connectivity adds up to further improvements in customer service. As you can send and receive messages from drivers in real time you know when and where stops are completed.
      This means you can allow customers to check their ETA’s and track deliveries via the web.
    • TransLogix Mobile improves productivity by reducing unnecessary employee overtime and by reducing route manifest and POD paperwork, capturing data in real time.