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Translogix - Transport Operations

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Every day, your business generates an enormous amount of data which, when analysed, can help you identify trends, which reduce costs, streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage. TransLogix Sapphire is designed to maximize operational efficiencies and to minimize operational costs.

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  • TransLogix Sapphire Transport Operations 
    This is the core of the Sapphire Transport Management Software, providing complete control of daily transport functions.
    • Jobs entered into the system are automatically allocated a unique booking number and appear on the transport diary. This allows any user on the network to keep track of all jobs at any time, from the initial quotation to confirming the price of the job prior to invoicing.
    • Run sheets and operations diaries can be tailor-made to suit your particular business.
    • The system can generate any report you might need, such as drivers’  job sheets, manifests, POD’s, run sheet reports, or subcontractors payment advice (SPA’s). 
  • Transport Invoicing 
    The Sapphire Transport System is completely integrated, which means information is automatically moved from one module to another.

    • Once a job has been priced in the system, the Transport Invoicing module will collate jobs for each customer and produce an invoice. 
    • Invoices can be formatted to your specification and printed on plain, headed or pre-printed paper or even distributed electronically to your customers saving more time and money.
    • Jobs can be seen on screen by invoice and even explode into consignment details, making it quick and easy to respond to customer queries. 
  • Vehicle and Job Profitability 
    The ability to easily identify unprofitable vehicles can save your company a lot of money.

    • The TransLogix System gives you comprehensive reports on the profitability of each and every vehicle or vehicle group. 
    • It will also track revenues, costs and profits down to a per kilometre or hour level.
    • Elements of vehicle costs, such as repair and maintenance activities come via an automatic link from the Sapphire Purchase Ledger or from the Sapphire Workshop system at the time of entering the invoice or job. Again, the total integration of the TransLogix System makes it very easy to group relevant information.
    • Sapphire also provides the power to identify the profitability of every activity. By automatically associating the standard costs of equipment and labour used to complete and task. This results in you quickly and simply knowing the profitability per consignment, per lane or even per customer. 
  • Multi-Legging 
    The Sapphire TMS easily handles the complexities of multi-legging, where several operations are required to complete a single job. It creates a master job to which many individual movements are attached, such as multiple depots, drivers and vehicles. This is further automated to simply create common operational activities.   
  • Manifesting 
    Select jobs assign them to a manifest based on lanes or routes.

    •  A manifest for each vehicle or area can be printed at any time, including a trailer-loading sheet if required. 
    • Each manifest can have costs attached to provide full profit reporting. This can also include nominal costs to give you an accurate picture of profitability before you dispatch the load.
    • Sapphire TMS allows many ways to create and change a manifest from “drag and drop” to full automation via the scheduling module. 
  • Pallet Control System 
    The Pallet Control System keeps complete track of pallets and creates statements and reports to show who is responsible for the pallets and where they are. Simple to use and easy to reconcile this module can also manage a variety of other equipment types that are difficult to track and costly to replace.    
  • TransLogix Transfer with EDI 
    Many of our clients are now approached by their customers to set up Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), allowing them to link directly into the transport company’s system to place orders or check on the status of a job. All areas of the Sapphire system can be linked to your customers’ systems through a tailor-made solution to meet your and your clients’ needs.  
  • Subcontractor Control 
    • The system automatically checks when and how much a contractor should be paid and then generates the contractor payment advice. There is no need for the sub-contractor to invoice your company. 
    • Sapphire TMS manages deductions (i.e. fuel and insurance), provides reporting and makes sure each job is only being paid once. The end result can be the production of a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) or a simple reconciliation process for a subcontractor invoice you receive. 
  • Depot Access 
    There is a range of options to suit your business. Sapphire TMS allows you to collect information from multiple sites or you can give the depots access to the central system via your network, a modem link or the Internet.

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