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Translogix - Warehouse Software

Supplier: Translogix Systems

Sapphire Warehouse is designed to manage third party warehousing and manages storage, handling and other services provided by your warehouse facility. Warehouse is extremely flexible and will fit around any specific requirements your customers might have.

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  • Stock Movements  
    Information on goods entering or leaving the warehouse is recorded entirely to your specification – tracking by lot, batch, pallet, and carton or by hazardous good type.  
    •  Stock can be recorded coming in one format and leaving in another (pallets in cartons out). 
    • Warehouse distinguishes between different customers for the same good, keeps relevant information and charges for consolidation, storage and repacking if required. 
    • Sapphire Warehouse provides complete integration of data with the transport and warehouse management modules and offers location tracking where either the storeman manages the location or there is specific placement to order using the “put away” functions
  • Warehouse Management
    Allows you to offer detailed tracking and product handling services. A customer’s products may carry references and directions to track, audit or call off products against these references.

There may also be details of quantity breakdowns where products are stored as pallets, but handled as cartons. There can be directions to ensure products are stored in a particular part of the warehouse for product separation needs or special environment needs.

    • Sapphire Warehouse provides reports about activities by customer, by product, by location, in the warehouse, by depot by batch or lot and takes a customer centric view across many warehouses or a warehouse specific view. 
    • Stock cycling methods (LIFO and FIFO) are readily catered for and different customers can be serviced in different ways. 
    • You can optimise the use of your warehouse with automatic or guided put away ensuring customers’ agreed performance requirements are met.
    • Wireless integration using RF and bar codes to optimise performance of warehouse labour gives better control of the stored product.
      It also makes cycle counting a simple process as the system measures the remaining product, increasing the accuracy of a stock count and reducing the need to do stock takes.
      This technology can improve overall performance and accuracy through the total warehouse operation. 
  • Customer Charging
    Sapphire Warehouse automatically calculates storage charges, handling in, handling out and other services including picking, shrink-wrap and container unpacks collecting information relating to products and their movement for management analysis and customer reporting.  
    • Charging is fully automated using rate cards that hold the agreed rates for each customer but have a manual override for ad hoc charging if and when required. 
    • Invoices created are automatically linked into the sales and general ledger of the Sapphire Accounts module
    • With automated invoicing for storage and services, location tracking and order processing, the system also links into TransLogix Sapphire Transport. This makes it very easy to provide and track the total service, from inward movement through storage to order processing and despatch.
    • An extensive range of reporting and inquiry functions, on and offline are supplied making accurate information available, quickly and simply so you can deliver the best possible service to  your warehousing customers.  
  • Customer Direct Access 
    Customers can check the status of their stock in your warehouse online and have access to all reporting functions for history and movement details making your warehouse seem like their own.
    Sophisticated security has been built into the TransLogix Sapphire system to ensure absolute confidentiality of all goods movements and charging.
    Customers can only access information that you define about their freight.