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Transportation and mining

Supplier: Electrodata Pty Ltd
03 August, 2011

Why are Electrodata logging recorders the best solution to voice recording in the transport and mining sectors?

By recording all telephone and two-way radio calls with Electrodata logging recorders, you can drive up safety standards and drive down costs in the following ways:

  • Know exactly who is speaking - Electrodata's unique ability to capture ANI (Auto Number Identification) on two-way radio channels and CLID (Caller Line Identification) and dialled number on telephone calls, take the guesswork out of who is making each call.
  • Review all incidents in detail - Every incident is a lesson to learn from. Electrodata recorders allow all relevant two-way radio and/or telephone calls to be assembled into a scenario that can be replayed in real-time with all calls occurring as they did originally.
  • Create a Scenario for Analysis and/or Training - All relevant calls relating to an event can be assembled together and replayed in real-time. This total scenario can be written to a CD or DVD that is replayable anywhere including courts. Internal encryption ensures your information is protected in the event of the disc falling into the wrong hands.
  • Reliable Recording with 100% Duty Factor - Electrodata's background in public safety recording for over 40 years means our recorders are built to handle the heaviest recording load. Even under worst case conditions, when every line is busy, our recorders will perform flawlessly.
  • Quickly find Relevant Calls - A wide choice of replay clients will quickly deliver the exact calls you want, including call statistics and other data. Calls can be searched by time, date, CLID, dialled number, ANI, duration, comment or any other field that is available at the time of recording.
  • Easily Connect Together Multiple Recording Sites - Recording sites can be established anywhere on your LAN/WAN or VPN and these can deliver calls to any other sites for archiving purposes. Centralised management of every recording or archiving node is standard.

Call us and allow us to share with you the benefits that can be gained by employing voice recording.