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Treatment Plant | Jaciru

Supplier: ABCO Water Systems

The ABCO Jaciru type treatment plant is a Suspended Growth system that utilizes a five-stage modified Bardenpho process to achieve a very high quality of effluent water.

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The Jaciru water treatment plant’s modular design allows units to be easily upgraded to increase throughput or improve process. The design also enables systems to be constructed near to completion prior to shipment to site.

The process itself includes five treatment chambers, a sedimentation chamber or clarifier and a chlorine dosing and water storage chamber. The treatment process starts with an anaerobic chamber, where the process water (or liquor) undergoes initial de-nitrification and solid separation. The liquor then flows to an anoxic chamber where secondary de-nitrification occurs. The liquor then enters a sequence of three aeration chambers before entering the clarifier, where the treated water is disinfected in preparation for the nominated form of effluent disposal.


The treatment plant can be purchased with a range of options, both in terms of equipment and degree of automation. A fully automated plant runs without any requirement for an operator, however a maintenance person is still required to ensure correct operation twice a day.

Further maintenance duties may include refilling of chemical tanks and removal of screened waste.


ABCO recommends that all its plant be serviced at least every 3 months to maintain consistently reliable operation. A standard plant service includes; cleaning of all probes and sprinkler heads, inspection for blockages in all lines, water quality analysis and plant configuration adjustments if required, and general plant upkeep.

Each service is accompanied with a comprehensive service report detailing treatment plant performance, work done and any suggested upgrades or major repairs required.


The standard plant design requires a flocculant and a disinfectant. These are typically in the form of polyaluminium chloride and sodium hypochlorite.

ABCO also offers the use of ozone treatment for disinfection. The advantages of ozone treatment are a lower ongoing cost and the elimination of chlorine handling, however does increase the initial plant price.


The treatment plant's footprint is highly dependant on the required camp capacity, however a typical installation requires an area of 10x20 metres for installation not inclusive of any area required for nominated effluent or sludge disposal options.

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