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Trending. Analysis. Reporting Software - ActiveFactory

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Wonderware's ActiveFactory™ trending, analysis and reporting software offers a suite of data analysis and reporting clients that maximize the value of data stored in Wonderware's IndustrialSQL Server™ real-time plant historian.

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ActiveFactory software enables individuals at all levels of an organization to easily access plant and process data through simple point-and-click dialogs.

ActiveFactory software provides data trend analysis, sophisticated numerical data analysis using Microsoft Excel, comprehensive data reporting using Microsoft Word, and the capability to publish this valuable real-time and historical plant data to the Web or company intranet.

Published reports and trends can also be modified ad hoc by plant knowledge workers and managers. They can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential process inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating the data.

Web access to historical and real-time information on the plant floor is made simple via Wonderware's SuiteVoyager® production and performance management portal.

In addition, when installed on Wonderware® Industrial Tablets or Touch Panel Computers, ActiveFactory software gives mobile workers access to real-time data trends and reports anywhere in the plant.

ActiveFactory software is a key component of Wonderware's modular, sustainable family of real-time plant intelligence products and plant performance monitoring solutions.

Why Choose Wonderware’s Trending, Analysis and Reporting Software?

Improve plant production efficiency by up to 25%.

  • AMR Research reports that manufacturing intelligence solutions such as those including ActiveFactory software present low-risk, high-reward opportunities to improve production efficiency by up to 25%.

Gain a competitive advantage.

  • Optimize plant processes to achieve greater efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • ActiveFactory software helps fuel continuous improvement programs, which are vital to remaining competitive.

Respond more quickly to process upsets.

  • Real-time data delivered by ActiveFactory software empowers manufacturers to respond faster to profit-robbing process upsets.
  • Spend less time searching for data when troubleshooting.

Optimize production processes.

  • ActiveFactory software provides the real-time and historical plant data needed to study and develop process-optimization strategies.
  • Quickly develop queries and reports that document the success of your process-improvement efforts.

Improve regulatory compliance.

  • ActiveFactory software excels at cost-effectively providing the detailed plant data needed to comply with government regulations.
  • Decrease the risk of failing a regulatory audit.
  • Satisfy your customers’ needs to comply with government regulations.

Reduce maintenance costs by extending maintenance cycles.

  • ActiveFactory software provides the detailed plant-performance data required to develop maintenance strategies based on actual equipment performance.
  • Generate reports that specify the equipment’s actual runtime, starts/stops and loads.

Leverage your existing investments in plant automation.

  • ActiveFactory software adds value to plant data collected and stored by your existing plant automation system and works particularly well with Wonderware’s IndustrialSQL Server historian.
  • ActiveFactory software was specifically developed as the primary data analysis and reporting client for the IndustrialSQL Server historian.
  • ActiveFactory software is the only data analysis and reporting client that’s specifically designed to fully leverage the capabilities of the IndustrialSQL Server historian.

Decrease ongoing application support costs.

  • ActiveFactory software uses the latest technology to reduce the time and money spent on routine maintenance.
  • The Query tool requires no SQL experience and enables anyone to quickly generate powerful IndustrialSQL Server data queries without specialized IT support.