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Trotec at DSCOOP

Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
24 May, 2018

The world's largest community of digital printers!

From June 13th - 15th, we will be presenting our machines to digital printing service providers at the Digital Solutions Cooperative, or ‘DSCOOP’. Along with the GS1200 - our completely automated laser system, we will also be demonstrating some of our Speedy machines. They are perfect for processing small volumes, and we want to highlight that.

DSCOOP: Vienna's Digital Printing Event

We are pleased to announce that DSCOOP will be taking place in Vienna this year. DSCOOP is the world's largest community of digital printing service providers, and we at Trotec are so excited to be bringing our emerging and ever-growing technology along to this event. It's been all around the world, and finally it's Vienna's turn! For most of Europe and the Middle-East, this is the largest digital print trade show. So, as a premium partner, we are excited to show off our stock to international print service providers.


Digital Laser Converting: GS1200

One machine that we will be presenting at the DSCOOP this year is the GS1200. This is an automated laser system that has been designed for digital printing and laser converting. Compared with digital stamping, this is a logical addition to digital printing since the laser machine can handle the final work step: converting. This makes execution flexible and easily achievable. Laser technology enables the creation of almost all geometric shapes and sizes, achieving the smallest contours with the perfect amount of control and quality every time. Cutting filigree components, kiss cutting labels, engraving logos and personalisation is now a standard expectation of most digital print providers. So, combining laser technology and digital printing can allow you to offer finished products, and maybe even open you to new ideas down the line...

We will be demonstrating the GS1200 live as we cut a series of invitations and birthday cards at the Trotec booth. If you’re in Vienna, be sure to stop by, say hi and check it out.

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Speedy 360 Flexx - Unique Flexxibility

Along with our automated GS1200, we will also be presenting our Speedy 360 Flexx machine at the DSCOOP. This flatbed system allows for smaller quantities to be processed extremely well - you won't find a better-quality machine on the market! Many other printed materials, including acrylic, wood, stone, glass and textiles can be processed with the Speedy series of laser machines. Even plastics and metals can be marked with precision with this flexx machine, as it has two laser sources - a CO2 and a fiber laser. Talk to us and discover the unlimited possibilities of such an intelligent machine. 

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