Trotec's extensive product range

Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
25 May, 2018

Trotec is always expanding and improving.

Trotec Laser offers an extensive and wide product range, with over 2000 high-quality products for laser and rotary engraving. Our materials are available in many different shades and colours, as well as various surface finishes. What’s more, our product range doesn’t only include typical consumables items, like laminates, acrylic sheets, coated materials and wood, but it contains peculiar items like pet tags, name badges and signage mounting devices.

Aluminium Tags

Our pet tags are made of anodised aluminium (excluding the military tags which are stainless steel). We offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

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Badge Fixing Solutions

Give your customers a little something extra by offering badge finishing solutions. You can try engraving a name badge out of something simple like TroLase and attach one of our name badge holders to the back. The holders are metallic and have an elegant gold or silver finish.

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Signange Mounting Devices

Wall distance holders are made of solid stainless steel for durability and long-lasting quality. Alternative sizes and fixation options offer a wide range of signage and mounting solutions.

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